Top 10 Reasons to be Excited for Iron Fist on Netflix

We are just about one month away from Marvels newest Netflix series Iron Fist (premieres March 17, 2017) and there are many reasons to be excited (check out the brand new trailer here). All of Marvel’s Netflix series have been great adaptions Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have been excellent. It is now time for the “Final Defender” Danny Rand “The Immortal Iron Fist” to get his time to shine. So here are the top ten reasons to be excited for the Iron Fist Netflix series.

1. One Step Closer to The DefendersImage result for the defenders netflix

Ever since 2013 when Marvel released series Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist would all be teaming up for a Defenders series fans have bee chomping at the bit for any information about it. Well with minor teases between the shows and the connective tissue of Rosario Dawson character Claire Temple showing up in all the shows The Defenders television series is upon us. Iron Fist being the last show before The Defenders premieres presumably this fall, there should be a host of teases and set ups in the episodes of Iron Fist to look out for to see how it will set up The Defenders and how Danny Rand fits into the Marvel Netflix street level heroes.

 2. Finn Jones is having some fun with Iron Fist

Marvel Iron Fist

Now there has been a whole controversy on whether Iron Fist should be depicted as Asian for diversity or a white male like he is depicted the comics, this is a whole different topic for a whole different article (our own Daniel Kalban covered the controversy here). Finn Jones just tried out for a part and got it so no fault to him either way. What I want to specify is that he seems like he is really enjoying playing Iron Fist. He seems to have embraced not only the martial arts side of Danny Rand but the spiritual side as well. He has also expressed in many interviews how he has always dreamed of playing a character like Iron Fist. It is always good to have an actor be excited and truly embrace his role; it makes the project that much better. You cannot also deny that Marvel has done some expert casting on all of their characters, so they have that on their side also.

3. Colleen Wing

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

One of the best things about the Netflix series we also get other great comic characters introduced along with the main characters. We got characters like the Punisher introduced in Daredevil, Hellcat in Jessica Jones and Misty Knight in Luke Cage. Well, Iron Fist is going to have that as well as actress Jessica Henwick is going to be playing the martial arts extraordinaire Colleen Wing. Her martial arts/self-defense school was teased in Luke Cage as Clair Temple saw one of her flyers in Harlem. Colleen Wing is one of Danny Rand’s closest friends as a member of Heroes for Hire, she is also a crazy good martial artist and from the trailer of Iron Fist, she is going to get into a few scraps throughout the series(Henwick has also been putting in some serious training for the role). We may even get a Sister of the Dragons team up if/when her and Misty Knight meet up in The Defenders series.

4. Links to other Netflix shows and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Image result for iron fist

As stated earlier every show has had small or big teases/easter eggs to other Marvel Netflix series or to the larger MCU. Daredevil season 1 had The Iron Serpent logo on the “drugs” (this shows up in the most recent Iron Fist trailer),  Colleen Wing self-defense add is seen in Luke Cage. They also tend to love to mention first Avengers movie at least in one episode in every series. So keep your eyes peeled while watching Iron Fist as you never know, marvel might tease some yet unreleased series or something or someone that might show up in a future series. It is also fun to catch these just to “nerd out” and contemplate if they are going to do anything with the teases or not.

5. The RZA is Directing an Episode


Yes, you heard that right one of the founding members of the acclaimed Hip-Hop group The Wu-Tang Clan is directing episode six titled “Immortal Emerges from Cave” of the Marvel Netflix series. What makes this so exciting is that RZA is a known martial arts film fanatic citing films such as The 36 Chamber of ShaolinFist of the North Star and many others as his favorites and inspirations for not only his own films but music and lifestyle as well. Speaking of films RZA is not new to directing or acting, he directed the martial arts movie that shares the same the name of the Marvel superhero Iron Fist titled The Man with the Iron Fists and has acted in many different movies. RZA not only loves watching, reading, studying, rapping and directing about martial arts he is also a practitioner of many different styles and forms. With a mind like the RZA on board with Iron Fist, it is hard not to be excited! RZA is not the only member of the Wu-Tang Clan to embrace Marvel/comic books either, Method Man appeared in an episode of Luke Cage and recently wrote on an issue of Ghost Rider and also goes by the nickname “Johnny Blaze”, member Ghostface Killah also goes by the nicknames “Tony Starks” and “Iron Man”. You can also hear many lyrics and references to comics throughout many of their songs

6. Kung Fu Action


Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

You can’t have Iron Fist without some martial arts action and from the trailers, it seems like it will deliver. Brett Chan is going to be the stunt coordinator on Iron Fist and with his work on other Netflix series Marco Polo and other movies/television shows it looks like we are in for a treat(check out a fight choreography video from Marco Polo here). It will be exciting to see what they do with Iron Fist mastery of K’un L’un martial arts and how he uses his “fist unto a thing like Iron” throughout the series. Daredevil had some great fight scenes and I hope they bring the same level of intensity to Iron Fist. All the actors have also been putting in some serious work so it will be great to see what they do with all of these great martial arts characters.

7. Immortal Iron Fist Comic Roots Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1: The Last Iron Fist Story

From the looks of it, the Iron Fist Netflix series will be drawing heavily upon the acclaimed comic book run from Writer Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and artist David Aja’s run on The Immortal Iron Fist. We have teasers from Daredevil season one and two that the character Madame Gao is actually Crane Mother from the series. The Steel Serpent as all but been confirmed as the big bad in the tv series who is also a predominate figure in the run. There is also a rumbling we may get to see the other seven city champions or “immortal weapons” that were introduced in Immortal Iron Fist. Fan favorites like Fat Cobra and The Bride of Nine Spiders may show up. There is a reason this run is so acclaimed because the team told an incredible story with Iron Fist and completely re-worked the legend of Iron Fist and Danny Rand! Brubaker and Fraction enhanced the Iron Fist mythos into something grand and spectacular, the introduced the concept that Danny Rand was not the only Iron Fist and that there have been many throughout history and the whole idea of other “immortal weapons”. Along with David Aja’s costume redesign and beautiful minimalist style, The Immortal Iron Fist still stands as probably the best Iron Fist stories of all time and it will be great to see what all the tv series pulls from it.

8. The Costume Reveal 

File:Acotilletta2--Iron Fist modern green.jpgCurrently, we do not know if Iron Fist will have a costume liken to his comic book counterpart or not, we have only seen pictures of Finn Jones with his shirt off sporting the Iron Fist tattoo on his chest. We also have seen in the newest trailer him wearing a robe-like outfit with the green and yellow colors and in another scene wearing a mask over the lower part of his face. Netflix gave Daredevil his costume in his series eventually, first just the black ninja outfit and then finally upgrading to the full mask and red gear. They even showed Jessica Jones “Jewel” super-hero costume in her series and Luke Cage wore his tiara, puffy yellow shirt and chain belt as a comedic showcase of his original costume. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage can get away with not having a costume in their series because their comic book counterparts never really wore one or in Luke Cage’s scenario his was updated to just jeans and a t-shirt long before the Netflix show was even thought of. Iron Fist is another story, he has always depicted in a mask and some sort of costume to his his identity. Now they are probably not going to go with his original high collar 70’s look, but they have other options. I would imagine they will go with David Aja’s redesign in the after-mentioned Immortal Iron Fist run that eliminates the high collar but still, has the mask and either incorporates just “gi” pants no shirt and a belt or a full dark green costume with the Iron Fist logo on the chest. They could also go with the newer costume design first introduced in Kaare Andrews Iron Fist: The Living Weapon series that Danny Rand is still wearing in the current run of Power Man and Iron Fist. This design still incorporates the mask and also has the high collar but has a more Bruce Lee “Game of Death” inspired track suit with double lines on the arms and pants. It will be very interesting to see what design they go with or if Iron Fist will get a costume at all.

9. LightheartednessPower Man & Iron First #1 Iron First Character Design

If the Netflix corner of the Marvel Universe is one thing it is serious, dark and intense. That is not to say that they do not have their funny or lighthearted moments but overall Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage have a very serious and dark tone throughout their respective series. That is not a bad thing considering the serious subjects discussed in Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Still, over 13 episodes a really dark tone can be strenuous to the viewer (especially if you are a binge watcher). From interviews with the actors and showrunners, it seems that Iron Fist is going to be a little bit brighter than the other series and have a little bit more of an upbeat tone. This will be great to see and also be interesting when he meets up with the rest of The Defenders later on.

10. More Iron Fist Comics

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon Vol. 1: Rage

I am a comic nerd and the best thing about an Iron Fist Netflix series is not only to see one of my favorite heroes on screen but that we are getting more comics featuring him. Now Iron Fist is already appearing and co-starring in David F. Walker and Sanford Greene’s fantastic (and very sadly recently canceled) Powerman and Iron Fist series. It was also recently announced that Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins will be heading a brand new Iron Fist solo series launching in March. It was also teased earlier in 2016 before the Brisson/Perkins new Iron Fist series was announced that Kaare Andrews would be continuing his story from his Iron Fist: The Living Weapon run with artist Afu Chan in a series called Iron Fists, according to Kaare Andrews this series is still happening. We also have the newly announced The Defenders comic from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez starring Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil. So if everything stays the course we will not only have an Iron Fist tv show in 2017, but also three ongoing comics with Danny Rand.


It is exciting just to have another marvel Netflix series because they have been so good across the board. I am a big Iron Fist fan so this is extra exciting for me personally and I am very eager to see how the show is pulled together. From what different comic book story lines will they go with, what will the television show add to the mythos of Iron Fist, are we getting a costume or not? There are many reasons to be excited about this series. Do you think we missed any reasons to be this hyped for the show? Let us know if I did and share the reasons you are excited about Marvels Iron Fist on Netflix in the comments below.

If you missed Jessica Jones, Daredevil Seasons 1 & 2, or Luke Cageclick on the respective title to read our series reviews. 

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