Top 10 Transformers Not Seen In The Movies

Top 10 Transformers Not Seen In The Movies

The Transformers have graced our lives for decades now. Not just in 2007, when the first of the five Michael Bay movies appeared in Theaters. Transformers made their first appearance on the small screen in September of 1984. The cartoon held a wide range of characters: from Optimus Prime to Vortex.  The Autobots and the Decepticons. The beloved cartoon even had its own movie in 1986. Many incarnations have graced our TV screens, but Michael Bay’s Transformers have been summer blockbusters for 10 years now, but it seems the films haven’t even made a Unicron-sized dent in the list of characters. Since Transformers: The Last Knight opens in theaters today I thought I’d list my top 10 Transformers who haven’t made it to the big screen.


10 – Blitzwing

Blitzwing - Top 10 Transformers Not Seen In The MoviesBlitzwing is a Decepticon Triple Changer. A triple changer is a Bot/Con who can take on two vehicle modes along with their robot mode. Blitzwing was in the G1 cartoon, and comics, and has had several incarnations, but my favorite is the Transformers: Animated version. This Blitzwing had a German accent and three different personalities. The first personality being his “Icy” personality which made him stoic and intelligent. The Icy personality usually allied with his Jet mode.

The next personality being Hot Headed Blitzwing which was usually allied with his tank mode. Hot Headed Blitzwing was just that, a hot head with a bad temper and a look reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The final personality of Blitzwing is Random Blitzwing. This personality is the utterly crazy and insane personality. I think this character would be great for the live action films. A Decepticon who is known to be pure anarchy. He would also add a little bit of comedic relief if he’s used properly.


9 – Omega Supreme

Omega SupremeOmega Supreme is a Big ole boy. And when I say huge I mean…..he towers over the great Optimus Prime and the treacherous Megatron. To give you something to scale him against think of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’s Devastator. Keep in mind, Omega Supreme is not a combiner and he doesn’t have giant wrecking balls dangling. I think this Autobot would be great just to add some strength to the Autobot forces. It would be epic to see this titan on the big screen. He’d also make for a great home base for the Autobots, much like his IDW incarnation.


8 – Jhiaxus

JhiaxusJhiaxus was known as the self-assured scientist of Cybertron’s Golden Age, but over time he went insane, like all great sci-fi villains. He was quite the sadist and was an extremely dangerous character. He once almost killed both Megatron and Optimus Prime. He was then later killed by “The Swarm” before he could actually kill Prime. I think this character could be a very real threat to both Autobots and Decepticons in the movie-verse and would add even more depth to the franchise’s massive lore.




7 – Prowl

ProwlProwl is a very logical Autobot. To the point that sometimes fellow Autobots do things and say things that may short out his cerebral cortex. His logic doesn’t make him a real good friend. It makes him very stiff and a bit of a jerk, but his logic makes him a great strategist.  In Michael Bay’s Transformers series, being a bit of a jerk hasn’t ever been a problem. I think he could make a great addition to the team.




6 – Trypticon

TrypticonA City sized Decepticon. This Con is hate fueled and there’s barely an Autobot that can stop him. Metroplex, another city-sized robot, can go toe to toe with him. They seem to have an unyielding rivalry. It would really be interesting to see how the live action movies could incorporate this massive being into the Transformers universe. Much like Omega Supreme, he would make for an excellent space station for the Decepticons.


5 – Metroplex

MetroplexSpeaking of city-sized robots, the Autobots have their own Trypticon. Metroplex is a living city. Well, the Autobot City that is. Metroplex is usually the Autobots last line of defense from just about anything. Usually, he has a massive rivalry with the Decepticon Trypticon. Metroplex’s armor is so strong that it would take nothing short of a nuclear explosion to cause enough damage to scuff his armor. The Decepticon Trypticon is the only one who can go toe to toe with this brute, but it usually ends badly for the Ole Jurassic Punk. I would love to see a battle of two city-sized bots in a Transformers live action movie. To see that in IMAX would be incredible.


4 – Brawn

BrawnBrawn is the demolitions expert for the Autobots. He’s not really the tallest of the Autobots, but he makes up for it with his bravery and strength. He tends to be very sarcastic and looks down on those who are not overly fond of fighting. He’s strong, resilient and I would love to see this Autobot in action. Sadly, Brawn was the first of the Autobots killed by Megatron in Transformers: The Movie. If John Goodman was not already the voice of Hound, he would be my first choice to voice Brawn.


3 – Tarn

TarnTarn…The leader of The Decepticon Justice Division. Now, this guy is something else. The Decepticon Justice Division, otherwise known as The DJD, are Megatron’s zealots of the IDW comics. These boys know how to instill fear into the sparks of both Autobots and Decepticons. They are so evil, they don’t have vehicle modes but instead turn into torturing devices, on a massive scale. but their boss, Tarn, is the ultimate Megatron fanboy. To describe Tarn…Imagine a combination of Batman villain Bane and Hannibal Lecter. He enjoys music, reciting poetry and tortures that would make Megatron’s metaphorical stomach turn. Tarn is such a pure-blooded Decepticon, that he wears the Decepticon logo as a mask and models himself after Megatron, except he has a DOUBLE fusion cannon. This zealot has his own dogma known as “Towards Peace,” which was written by Megatron. Yes…that Megatron. You see Tarn likes to use his outlier power against his victims. Outliers are basically the mutants of the Cybertronian race. Tarn can break down technology with his mind. He’ll whisper into a victim’s ear, which causes his target’s spark to self-destruct. Tarn is a sociopathic killer. I would love to see Tarn and his fellow DJD members on the big screen. I think Tarn could instill a ton of fear and creepiness into the films.


2 – Ultra Magnus

Ultra MagnusUltra Magnus is the Autobot high commander and Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord. He’s often known as the “Immortal Lawman” and sometimes depicted as second in command to Optimus Prime and also the leader of The Wreckers. He is highly respected amongst the Autobots. In The Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover he actually managed to hold off Trypticon. Optimus Prime even thought him worthy of the Matrix of Leadership. I would actually love to maybe see him come into the films and lead the Autobots if something was to happen to Optimus. If he does end up in the films, he HAS to be voiced by Peter Weller. RoboCop voicing Ultra Magnus? Who doesn’t want that?




1 – Alpha Trion

Alpha TrionAlpha Trion is one of the oldest Transformers alive. He was a mentor to Optimus Prime when he was still just Orion Pax and even after becoming a Prime. He is an Autobot but doesn’t fight in the war against Megatron. However, he does help in other ways that don’t include violence. He has a book titled “The Covenant of Primus,” in which he chronicles the events of Cybertron with a special pen called “The Quill,” which was given to him by Primus. He is also one of the Original 13 Primes in some continuities. “The Record Keeper of The Primes” is what he is known as. I feel Alpha Trion would be the one to draw Prime back from this apparent dark path he’s going down.


Tell us who your favorite characters are from the Transformers franchise in the comments below.


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