Top 5 Reasons to be Excited about Monsters Unleashed

   Ah, yes another Marvel Event Comic is upon us and I can hear all of the collective fan boy groans. I know for years fans of the big two have been bombarded by “event comics” and they have seemed to have only grown exponentially the past few years. Many fans will say that they are suffereing from “event fatique” or that they are tired of events affecting their other comic series. So why should we as readers be excited about a new all encompassing event invading our comic reading pleasure?  Well here are 5 reasons why you should be excited about Marvels new Event series Monsters Unleashed!

  1. monsters_unleashed_1_cover 1. Kaiju 

             I’ll be honest, when I first heard Marvel was releasing a five issue event series with the title Monsters Unleashed I thought Marvel was having a book about their more “Universal Monster” type characters and got super excited. Then I learned is was about giant Kaiju monsters and got equally excited! .What could be better than your favorite super hero battling giant monsters? There is just something genuinely exciting about a fight against some giant beast that just screams for attention! Kaiju in their nature also tend to do more in a visual medium like comics because there is no budget that can be as big and crazy as the creators imagination! In the same vein Kaiju that might look funny or strange on the big screen look fantastic on a double page spread!

    2. Classic Marvel Monsters and Brand New Ones! monsters_unleashed_1_monster_vs_hero_mignola_variant

           Before superheros launched into success Monsters were all the rage in comics, Marvel in the early days did a lot of  “giant monster” books. Creators like Jack Kirby, Steve Dikto and many others created some classic giant monsters for Marvel Comics. In Monsters Unleashed not only are we getting to revisit some classic marvel giant monsters like Fing Fang Foom, Groot (the original monster version), Magog, Rorgg, Orogo and so many others that have been left in the past, we are also getting six all new monsters created by artist working on the book and being introduced into the Marvel Universe! 

    3. Cullen Bunn Writing

            Cullen Bunn is a veteran comic book writer and has written for Marvel and other comic book companies for many years. Bunn’s veteran status is not the only thing that makes me excited about this event, his books like Godzilla: Cataclysm , The Sixth Gun, Harrow County, Terrible Lizard and many others show that he knows how to blend great bombastic comic action with horror, suspense and drama; all the while not taking itself too seriously! Bunn has some great work with giant monsters already (I m looking at you Godzilla: Cataclysm and Terrible Lizard) and has put out some fantastic books over the years. Bunn also seems super excited about this series from interviews I have read, when a creator is passionate about the project he is on it is hard not to get excited!


    4. Artist Galore 

       Monsters Unleashed will have a different artist for each five issues of the series. Now, usually this would not be something comic readers would be super excited about having. The story usually flows better with the consistency of the same artist staying on the book, but for a book like Monsters Unleashed it has me very intrigued to see different artist takes on these giant creatures. Plus as we all now event books have a tendency to get behind on scheduling, but with all the artist doing one issue each this should not be a problem.  The five artist on the books will be Steve McNiven,Greg Land , Adam KubertLeinil Yu  and Salvador Larocca. The creators have talked about letting the artist shine on this book and giving them some big splash pages and two page spreads.  It is genuinely exciting to see what each artist brings to their issue and how they render these fantastic beast!


    5. Fun!

    Most of all we should be excited about Monsters Unleashed is because it looks like it is going to be a lot of fun! We are finally getting the Marvel Universe to stop fighting each other and fight together. We are getting giant Kaiju’s rampaging across the Earth and Marvels mightiest hero’s must stop them! Classic Marvel monsters are finally getting some much needed love and respect and we are also getting introduced to some new Kaiju. With a great writer in Cullen Bunn and a fantastic group of artist, Monsters Unleashed  just seems like it is going to be a wild ride! Marvel’s editor-in-chief Axel Alonso also compared Monsters Unleashed to the movie Pacific Rim and honestly that’s probably all I really needed to know to get excited!


Monsters Unleashed looks like a “monstrous” good time and I am very excited to see what happens in this event. I certainly plan on reviewing this series so stay tuned and follow along with me and find out out January 18th, 2017 if the Marvel Universe can come together and cancel the Apocalypse. 

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