Book Review – Touched By An Alien (Katherine “Kitty” Katt #1)


What gets me is that in all the comic books and movies and even novels, whenever someone gets super powers, there’s at least an eighty percent likelihood they’ll use said powers for good.

It’s always some man or woman of science looking for a cure for the world’s ills who gets hit with the gamma rays, or an outcast kid who happens to have a wise oldster around to show him the right ropes as soon as the mutation hits. The few bad guys who turn super powered always have some fatal flaw that renders them easy pickings for the good guys, who also manage to outnumber the baddies every time it matters.

In real life, of course, it never works that way. At all.

In real life, there are no superheroes.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there are no super-powered beings.

But never fear — I’m on it.

Yeah, it doesn’t sound all that comforting to me, either.
Touched By An Alien
Now that’s a prologue! It’s short and just screams, “Read me!”

I did.

I’ve now read the series through six times. I tend to give this book as birthday/holiday gifts (So much for that being a surprise anymore.). Converting minions to Team Gini is so fun!

You get that I loved TOUCHED BY AN ALIEN, but you actually want to know more about it?

OK, it all begins with jury duty. I know, I know.

Go with it.

Katherine “Kitty” Katt is a marketing manager. She was let out of jury duty early and is hurrying to work in order to make up the hours that she’s missed. A man in front of her transforms into a monster. When the fight/flight impulse comes a’knockin’, Kitty gets a’rockin’. What follows is a whirlwind tour through Area 51, conspiracy theories realized, the secret lives of almost everyone she knows and trying to pick between the hot alien of the moment.

Oh, and she has to save the world…but you saw that one coming.

Things to pack when fighting super beings:
1. Hairspray
2. Your IPod, heavy on the Aerosmith
3. Snarky comments
4. More aliens
5. A top male model

“My crazy’s working a lot better than your sanity.” – Kitty

I want to live in Kitty’s world where:
1. The hot chicks want the nerds and I (Kitty) get the yummy heros, who, face it, are nerds in hunk clothing.
2. Jeff… Christopher… James… Let me count the ways! (Such hotness deserved more than just one item on the list, okay?)
3. “Dazzlers” – Otherwise known as those hot chicks I mentioned – are too nice for words. (Yeah, so not real life.)
4. Aerosmith and hairspray will save the day. (Kitty proves it, but ask any girl, and we’ll volunteer this information.)
5. Someone always catches you when you fall. (Again, a wonderful thing about fiction.)
6. Weird jokes are appreciated. (Did I miss the memo about “snark” and witty “sarcasm” being four-letter words? Sigh.)
7. Friends are forever. (See even more on this in the sequel.)
8. Pets are allowed. No downpayment required! (Evil laugh)
9. Empathic men really do exist. (Yes, I’m still shocked at the concept.) For the rest of us, there’s Christopher, with his patented glares one through five.
10. The good guys win. (Because that’s how you get a sequel.)

Gini KochBIO:
Gini Koch writes the fast, fresh, and funny Alien/Katherine “Kitty” Katt series, as well as lots of others. She’s made the most of multiple personality disorder by writing under a variety of pen names, including G.J. Koch, Anita Ensal, Jemma Chase, A.E. Stanton, and J.C. Koch. Buy her books — her meds don’t come free, you know.

Series: Aliens/Katherine “Kitty” Katt #1
Publisher: Daw
Pub. Date: April 6, 2010
Pages: 400

The life and times of Katherine “Kitty” Katt in the Alien books by Gini Koch:



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