Transformers: The Last Knight Teaser Trailer

Michael Bay has returned! With the first trailer dropping for Transformers 5 today, it’s apparent that Bay is back in the game. After a mildly successful 13 Hours, he returns back to the Transformers saga. Starring Mark Wahlberg, the return of Josh Duhamel and a slew of other new actors there’s no doubt that at the least The Last Knight will be wildly entertaining.

transformers-the-last-knight-banner-poster-193087With the classic line from the first film “no sacrifice, no victory”, the trailer opens with a series of sequences of humans interacting with the robots from different points in history. The dark ages, World War 2 and the modern age. There is little plot that is revealed in the trailer, which is a good decision on their end. Forcing us to be invested and interested in the possible plot of the film, what they decide to show is rather exciting. From what we can gather, it appears that Optimus Prime has vanished (he’s actually frozen and floating in space). So now, with only a few Autobots remaining on Earth, Earth is attacked by a new group of vicious Deceptions. There’s a war (once again) between the humans and the robots.

The classic “bayhem” style has been re-emerged for this film. The action is over the top, it’s in your face, and above all else it’s exciting. The action is obviously what comes first in Bay’s movies, and he emerges us as an audience into his world once again.

What Sets Transformers 5 Apart:

One thing that looks apparently interesting about this installment is the fact that we seem to be going the same direction as the previous Transformers movie, but this feels much more exciting. Even though we clearly are recycling old material, for some reason it feels like Bay is condensing his style much further. In his earlier films we receive the action on such a “no-holds barred” level, but now it feels like he has taken a few lessons from newer action directors. He’s taking a much different approach in his editing, giving us things to look at but not overloading the frame. Typically, Bay likes to fill the frame with a lot of “visual elegance” but in this trailer, we seem to be focussing more on just a few things visually versus overloading us. 

The Transformers 5 trailer is a shocking and exciting one. With another installment in a series that we weren’t necessarily sure that we wanted, it still has us rather excited. It seems like Bay is channeling his already established style and condensing it even further. Taking flavors from fellow action directors and channeling that into his biggest franchise, it’s clear that Michael Bay is back and ready for action.


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