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Trend Alert: Armor, Mech, and Fandom Leggings

In recent days, a phenomenal Kickstarter for Lorica Clothing is taking the internet by storm – promoting an initial run of historical accuracy inspired leggings made of recycled bottles!

“Our leggings are constructed from a fabric that is 14% spandex and 86% recycled yarns derived from plastic bottles. In fact, about 20 bottles go into each pair. But they’re stretchy, soft, and moisture-wicking to keep you dry and stank-free no matter how hard you’re working. So basically you can save the earth by getting your sweat on in comfort. IT’S LIKE MAGIC.”

The “Henry VIII” Leggings


With $64,400 currently pledged of its $10,000 goal – it’s safe to say the demand is there and we want more.  They’re so popular they have already unlocked several stretch goals including skater dresses, plus sized offerings, and bodysuits.


Don’t want to wait?

Armored leggings come in many shapes and sizes from many different companies. So if this news has got you ready to spend money without having to wait for a Kickstarter, you’re in luck!


MitMunk has been in the game for a hot minute – and full disclosure? The author of this article proudly owns two pairs of their leggings: The Clarissant and The Crusader pairs. I purchased mine in 2013 and they’re still going strong.

Armor not your flavor? You’re still in luck – Mitmunk offers a wide variety of bionic, mech, and biological styled leggings as well.


Furthermore – they offer tops, dresses, and other apparel in somewhat limited runs both on their storefront .


Poprageous has a “Premium Leggings” collection that features pop-culture and gaming inspired designs as well as armor, metallics, comics, cell-shaded, mechanical, and a huge assortment of artistic and print leggings that are SO fun.


Poprageous also offers swimwear, themed collections, activewear, and a “soft” clothing line made of bamboo. What’s not to love?

Wild Bangarang:

Prefer your leggings with direct licensing? Wild Bangarang holds the license for all the World of Warcraft character leggings – as well as their armor and art designs. They also carry NoFlutter designs in their shop – are you excited yet?

Well how about if I were to tell you they also carry an entire Power Rangers line?

They also carry general armor, prints, and a variety of dresses, fitness wear, and jerseys – among other things!

Lorica Clothing

Do you love nerdy fashion? Which fandom do you want to see on more apparel? Sound off in the comments below!


Images via Lorica Clothing.

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