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Bryan The Nerd here with a recap of Sunday night’s season première of True Blood.  Being as this will be Alan Ball‘s last season as show runner, it will be quite interesting to see what happens. We’ve been bombarded with promos and sneak peaks all spring leading up to this season and let’s hope we aren’t disappointed.

As expected the season five première picked up exactly where season four left off. In fact we get to see the last few minutes all over as Eric and Bill clean up the bloody mess after dispatching Nan Flanagan and her guards.

Meanwhile Lafayette hears the shotgun blast and runs downstairs to see Sookie cradling the lifeless Tara. Suddenly but not totally unexpected, a vampire arrives to take the only course of action left open to save Tara. Pam, looking for Eric reluctantly helps by attempting to turn Tara.

Against Eric’s advice, Bill tries to go to Sookie’s aid but is immediately captured by agents of The Authority. He and Eric are bound with silver and thrown into the trunk of a car.

We left Jason Stackhouse last season staring down the fangs of Reverend Newlin who tries garner some sympathy from Jason who of course is stupid enough to fall for it and let’s himself be glamored into inviting the Reverend inside. There things take a weird and unusual turn (no pun intended) as Reverend confesses not only his forgiveness for Jason having sex with his wife, but also proclaims his love for him and that he’s gay.  Jason politely tries to turn down Reverend Newlin advances but is not entirely successful. Luckily for Jason, Jessica shows up and being an older vampire is able to get Newlin to back down. Jason also rescinds his invitation and Newlin is forced to leave. Then as expected only a few minutes after their last encounter, the two have sex…again.

Eric and Bill come up with a plan to escape The Authority agents by blowing up the car they’re traveling in. The plan works, almost and as they face one of the agents he is killed by the other agent. Enter Eric’s long-lost sister Nora. But hold on a sec, this isn’t your typical Hot Spot brother sister relationship. Nora is also a progeny of Godric so no creepy brother/sister stuff applies…even when they have sex not too long after.

Let’s not forget about Sam Merlotte, who when last we saw him was cornered by a pack of angry werewolves. They want Sam for questioning in the disappearance of their pack master Marcus. If you don’t remember, Sam and Alcide killed Marcus for killing Sam’s brother Tommy. To protect Alcide, Sam confesses to the werewolves who take him to be tried for his crimes.

Alcide goes to warn Sookie that Russell Edgington has escaped and will undoubtedly come after her. He insists that she come with him for her protection. Sookie refuses but cannot bring herself to tell him that she killed Debbie for shooting Tara.

Bill and Eric are about to be whisked off with new identities to hide from The Authority. They learn that there is indeed a group of vampires who resist The Authority’s rule and work to undermine them. Gunfire erupts and they are once again captured by Authority agents.

Pam awakens and Tara’s fate is revealed. As Lafayette looks on in despair, it seems the attempt to turn Tara to save her life was not successful. But as we are so often treated to on True Blood, things aren’t always as they seem. Tara suddenly bursts out of her makeshift grave and attacks Sookie.

So end the first episode of this season. For a fan of the show I was not disappointed in the slightest. I wasn’t surprised that we didn’t get to see Russell in this episode. It was hinted at that he is in seclusion while he regains his strength and heals from being buried in concrete for over a year. We also got to see the consequences of Jason and Jessica’s relationship. Hoyt is still bitter and refuses to speak to Jason. We also get to see that Hoyt takes a dark turn this season.

I am hoping for a darker, more serious storyline this season. While I truly appreciate True Blood‘s humor, it is sometimes over the top and bleeds into the plot too much and makes things seem silly and ridiculous. They have an opportunity to turn things around this season and bring the show back to its roots. The story moves along at an acceptable pace in this episode and for me was very satisfying as far as content. The episode ended exactly where I anticipated it would naturally left eager for next week. As usual we are treated to some action, humor, a little steamy sex and lots of hot, sexy new characters. Eric’s sister Nora played by Lucy Griffiths for one and the mostly naked werewolf Salome played by Valentina Cervi. Ahhhh True Blood, how I’ve missed you so.

As much as I hated to see Game of Thrones end, I am so happy to have True Blood back. HBO is truly brilliant for not showing both series at the same time. I am sure my heart couldn’t take it from week to week. Keep coming back to Word of the Nerd for more great True Blood coverage this season, including our newest podcast, Merlotte’s Happy Hour. Every week we’ll review each new episode, talk about why we love the
show and lots, lots more.

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