Try the 2018 #WotNReadingChallenge!


This is the first annual #WotNReadingChallenge. Earlier this year, we wrote about how reading challenges can improve how you read. For next year, we’ve decided to try our hand at creating our own reading challenge.

The 2018 #WotNReadingChallenge List: 

January: A book from the 2017 NPR book concierge

February: A graphic novel adaptation of a novel

March: A book where death is involved

April: A non-fiction book

May: A graphic novel from someone other than the Big Two

June: A book with a disabled protagonist

July: A book with an animal as the main character 

August: A graphic novel originally written in a language other than English

September: A book by a woman of color

October: A book made into a currently streaming television show

November: A graphic novel without superheroes

December: A book with magic

2018 #WotNReadingChallenge
2018 #WotNReadingChallenge

The prompts are set up by month to let you know when Word of the Nerd (read: your very favorite MLIS student) is going to have suggestion posts up on the site. Feel free to read the prompts in any order. 

About the 2018 #WotNReadingChallenge:

As you may be able to discern from the list, the 2018 #WotNReadingChallenge is an easy, low stakes challenge. To complete the challenge, one would have to read an average of one book per month for the entire year. Even if you aren’t a reader, this is not the biggest mountain to overcome and there is absolutely no pressure on you.

No one is going to judge you for reading the prompts “out of order.” No one is going to judge you if you only use graphic novels for this challenge (In fact, we designed it so you can do exactly that!). No one is going to judge you if you use audiobooks for most or all of the prompts. No one is going to judge you if you try to start the #WotNReadingChallenge and fail to complete it. All that we at WotN care about is that you try to read more

Are you going to try the 2018 #WotNReadingChallenge? Talk about in the comments and on social media!

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