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Crossover events are fun times. It’s a chance to see characters in a new environment while still keeping to their roots or the roots of the show. Normally it involves two shows of the same family or at least the same type of show. Notable examples are what are referred to as Flarrow (Flash and Arrow) in the CW, the Chicago shows (aka Chicago PD and Chicago Fire) on NBC or the Vampire Diaries universe (Vampire Diaries and the Originals) also on the CW. Fox has decided to apparently go in an entirely new direction. Variety magazine reports that this crossover will include Sleepy Hollow and the veteran show Bones. Yes, it’s a bit of an odd couple.

Can anyone tell me how this can make even the slightest sense? No one? Bueller?


Crossover Event Bones Sleepy Hollow


All joking aside I’m actually morbidly intrigued as to how they intend to pull this off? It’s a very clear ratings ploy considering both shows haven’t been doing great ratings wise (people are kind of getting tired of Bones after so many seasons, and let’s not talk about Sleepy Hollow’s disastrous season 2). This crossover was first reported by TVline as a blind item and was the object of a lot of discussion. One of the biggest options was Once Upon a Time and Agents (OUAT) of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m endlessly glad that it’s not (though I mourn the idea of having Grant Ward and Emma Swan sharing the same scene) but at least in OUAT they could use of Jefferson’s doors to explain it.

I honestly have no clue how Bones and Sleepy Hollow will fit into the same universe. I racked my brain trying to find similarities between the two shows and all I could up with was unlikely pairing as the main duo, the case of the week format, and that they both focus on the colliding worldviews of their leads somehow working harmoniously. Oh and that they both technically deal with dead things, just in very different ways.

I have no idea if it will be in Bones’ world or if it will be in Sleepy Hollow’s world. Will we get Abbie and Ichabod with the squints or Booth and Brennan with the Sleepy Hollow crew? One thing I’m definitely looking forward to is Ichabod interacting with Brennan, which has the potential for greatness. Will I watch it? Probably, I’m too curious about it to miss it.

All we know at the moment is that it’s happening and that it’s supposed to happen in the spring season.

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