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We all miss Leonard Nimoy and I predict we always will. How could we not? The man taught us many life lessons that we will cherish forever. He was beloved by all–his friends, his family and his fans. He always had time for his fans. We mourned his death and celebrated his life, and now we’ve got more ways to continue celebrating his life and the causes he stood for.

We’ve got two Leonard Nimoy inspired projects coming our way. The first is a documentary on COPD produced by Julie Nimoy, Leonard Nimoy’s daughter and her husband David Knight. The second is a biography on Leonard Nimoy himself written by his longtime friend William Shatner and a co-writer.

The documentary will focus on COPD, otherwise known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It was complications that came from this disease that led to Leonard Nimoy’s passing. Fundraising for the project is happening right now and the project itself has almost reached half of the money required to fulfill their goal of $500,000.

This is what Julie Nimoy had to say “After my dad’s untimely passing due to complications related to COPD, my husband and I committed ourselves to continuing his mission and his message,”.

“The production team is honored to be contributing our time to make this project a reality,” said co-producer David Knight. “And we’re offering an opportunity for Star Trek fans and people from around-the-world concerned with COPD to show their support through our crowd funding campaign. Along with the COPD Foundation, we’ve set up a donation site for anyone who wishes to support our project. Ten percent of all donated funds will be directed toward COPD research.”

COPD: Highly Illogical showcases the latest advances in the fight against Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, including state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery from BioLucid that promises to show the audience a spectacular view from inside the body.”

You can learn more about this project or donate by going to this link at FirstGiving.


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The other project will be the official Leonard Nimoy biography written by William Shatner, the title right now is ‘Leonard Nimoy: A 50 Year Friendship’. It will be out in 2016 from St. Martin’s Press. William Shatner has kept contact with Nimoy’s family and even helped fund a documentary from his son Adam called “For the Love of Spock.” The book will include interviews from everyone who’s still available from Leonard Nimoy’s past. Although sadly a lot of the original Star Trek group is gone.

Even so the project will probably be beautiful and full of love for their fallen friend. Both of these projects will definitely help in keeping the memory of Leonard Nimoy alive.

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