TV Review – 12 Monkeys S01E03: Cassandra Complex

Hello all! It’s Carnival in Brazil and I hate the party, but the break is useful, I guess. I’m having plenty of time to catch up on Twelve Monkeys, and we’ve got a lot to talk about.

“Cassandra Complex” starts with Cole teaching our titular Dr. Railly how to shoot a gun in an indoor lesson that is more flirtatious than useful. I hope (but doubt) that she won’t need to use a gun anytime soon.  From what I’ve seen so far, she’s going to need quite a few more classes.  Preferably ones that actually teach her how to use a firearm.


The episode is mostly about the guy who got away last episode.  He’s the scientist in Jennifer Goines’ team who survived the massacre in her laboratory .  Guess what?  He’s actually Dr. Henri Toussaint, who was Cassie’s co-worker in Haiti during an epidemic in 2014 she at first believed to be the virus.

We go quickly from finding out Henri’s identity to watching him get killed by Cole.  Presumably, Cole is preventing the Army of the 12 Monkeys from interrogating the now deceased doctor for the location of the Night Room.

Let’s not forget to mention Henri and Cassie’s one-night stand in Haiti. While the two understandably felt both lonely and doomed in the midst of an an epidemic, I’m not sure that’s reason strong enough to justify cheating.


Thumbs up:

– Lab symmetry: call Wes Anderson.  This show is giving him a run for his money. (Quick question, though: why is it so dark? Do they have to save on lamps to send people back in time?)

– Two or three scientists were given the opportunity to speak in this episode and now I miss the time when they were silent.

-Tom Noonan continues to be unsurprisingly great. After agreeing with Henri that, yes, he’ll probably kill him, he adds, “But there’s other things we could try.” There are chances the Pallid Man becomes a favorite villain of mine. He’s not a people person, and I like that about him.

pale man

Thumbs down:

– I’m still not buying the science-speak. I found the whole electromagnetic interference to be totally unnecessary to the plot. And watching them discuss the time travel in a round-table style discussion, complete with people screaming at each other from different angles while simultaneously beating around the bush, makes it all a bit pastiche.

– Everyone’s got a past. Why can’t it be left behind? Constantine has Newcastle. And now Dr. Cassandra Railly has Haiti. I so hope not to see a repetition of sentences like ‘I was in Haiti too,’ or ‘You got off the rails in Haiti.’

she loses it

To whom it may concern: 

– Here’s another face I don’t trust.

I don't trust you

– I did actually notice the encounter of Ramse and Max or the mention of the West 7, though I didn’t mention it previously. There was too little on the topic to give attention to the subplot, but we’ll see more about West 7 (which sounds uncannily like a boy band name) on the next episode.

See you around the corner!

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