TV Review – 12 Monkeys S01E04: Atari

I promised I wouldn’t be away for long! I was so dumbstruck after Atari that I needed to discuss it with a friend before I could even fully process the episode.

Atari can be summarized in one word: brilliant. Intelligently written and played out, we start the episode with the explanation of the title: Ramse tells us what “to be in atari” means in Go, a traditional Chinese strategy game that I happen to play and love.

The episode starts with Cassie trying to get closer to Cole through insistent questioning. Technically, they’re meeting because Cassie wants to show him her guesses for the location of the Night Room, but I liked the scene because of the coquettish atmosphere.  Cassie’s constant questions are a clear way to show her growing interest in Cole.

girl talk

Cole gets splintered back to 2043, where West 7 is breaking into the laboratory facilities.  The West 7 leader, Deacon, plans to kill the crew and move into the building with his scavengers. We also get flashbacks from the year Ramse and Cole joined the group, and then from the time that they fled.

Thumbs up:

– The show’s cinematography continues to deliver.

– There are still 7 episodes to go in Season 1.  Right now, I can’t tell whether or not the heavy-handed morality of certain episodes is a theme of the show or the choice of the writers.  Atari was written by Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett, who were also responsible for the pilot episode. This and that one brought viewers far more opportunities to think about what they are watching.

– Psychedelic visual effects. This scene was beautiful to watch. Cole’s mental confusion was both very real and very visual.

max railly

– We don’t know when Cole and Ramse’s friendship started, but  this episode strengthened my view of their bond. We see how a young and stupid Cole is talked into joining West 7, and how Ramse goes along with it to protect his friend. Cole leaves the gang later on to protect Ramse from Deacon. Cole only agreed to participate in the time travel project if he could bring Ramse with him, and Ramse is always there when he is splintered to and from the past.


Thumbs down:

– I’d rather have Jones send Cole back a few days in the past as a personal choice, instead of the time machine malfunctioning.  The solution was way too convenient for the resolution of the conflict, and it would have been more convincing if Jones had come up with the idea to send him back (likely to stop Deacon from destroying the laboratory and killing all her colleagues instead of saving only his life.) Dumb move, Katrina, dumb move. Lucky thing that time travel is such an imprecise science in your timeline.

– Katrina Jones. Yes, again. I thought she was going to be a strong woman in a powerful position.  We’re in desperate need of positive characters in Sci-Fi. But no, she doesn’t have what it takes.

– Handsome bad guys. Such a cruel feature, oh my!


See you all soon!

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