TV Review – 12 Monkeys S01E05: The Night Room

Hello all! We meet again for another round of 12 Monkeys, and episode 5 gave us a lot to talk about!

We’ve finally been taken into the Leland Goins’s dreamy Night Room after all the suspense started in episode 3.  Honestly, I thought it was way too easy for the bad guys to get in. We also learned that the Pallid Man’s got his ways to get people talking.  Isn’t that right, Jennifer?


Thumbs up:

– Dr. Jones socializing with her co-workers was a bit awkward, but they laughed so much together that I thought they deserved the thumbs up. And also, we learn from the chat she was married once, “for a few days.” I wonder what happened to her husband, and if his probable death is her motivation for joining the time travel project.


–  Emily Hampshire as Jennifer Goines. That woman’s very expressive.

jennifer page

– Ouch, the fingernail scene: hard for me to watch, but still excellent. I found it funny that the Pallid Man carries those bamboo sticks with him just like average smoker would carry cigarettes.

– Dr. Railly’s expression when she confronted Cole about killing Henri versus Jennifer’s expression when she confronted Cole about killing her father.

truth page

–  You know how they say a picture speaks a thousand words? Here are three from episode 5:

time machine
Cole, seconds before splinting
the virus
The virus in the Vault
One of Dr. Jones’s belongings


Thumbs down:

– Ramse getting all fussy when he discovered Dr. Jones’s file with the photos of what happened to the time travelers who worked for her prior to Cole. It’s stupid to assume he was so naive.  I like it that she challenges him with a moral dilemma: what’s the life of a few people compared to a whole of human history?  This makes really good food for thought, not just for Ramse but for the viewers: when is taking someone’s life justifiable? When is the use of human subjects in experiments valid? Is the scientific progress possible without victims?

-“Without it, there is nothing, no future, just drifting in the ocean of time.” – Isn’t Dr. Jones a poet?

-It’s the year 2043, we can send people back in time but handwritten information on paper is still the best way to keep your stuff safe.

– If this is a reference to Winston Smith’s torture episode in Room 101 in George Orwell’s book 1984, it’s terribly misplaced.


– Cole and the people around him were mistaken about Leland and now about the Night Room. Producers, I like the loop in the story, and I understand it’s fundamental for plot development, but I hope you don’t extend it for 9 seasons.


Well, thanks for company!  We’ll meet again over the weekend with news from the year 2043; now dominated by West 7.  I don’t even believe it’s the year 2043. I think Cole might have splinted back a few years in a more distant future. What are your thoughts?

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