TV Review: 12 Monkeys S01E08 – Yesterday

Welcome to 2015! The year our heroes dismantled Operation Troy but didn’t stop the plague from decimating mankind.

Contrary to my guess based on last week’s episode, there he was again — James Cole, alive and kicking in 2017, one year after the plague did kick in and started making victims (thanks to a malfunctioning time machine core). Right when I thought there could not be anything worse than him being splintered back to 2043 and surviving the explosion, he does survive the explosion but ends up in 2017 in what I will call here a major confusion in plot.


– In 2043 Heaven is known under a different name: Spearhead – a beautiful, clean, organized and well-lit camp set up and ruled by Colonel Foster, a military relic from the old days who survived the plague, where everyone seems to be fed daily doses of blue pills or soma with their coffee. While Dr. Jones struggle is to prevent the virus from being released, Colonel Foster is dedicated to stopping the virus and it’s mutations in 2043 and on.

– Ramse has a son and he’s teaching him Go. (#RelationshipGoals)

12 Monkeys: S01E08 - Yesterday

– Ramse’s first name is José and guess what – José is the name of the guy who gives Cole a gun to kill the virus carrier at the station in Terry Gillian’s Twelve Monkeys movie.

– There it is, Dr. Jones’s reason to start Project Splinter: she had a daughter who was a victim of the virus. Stopping the virus from being released would also stop her daughter from dying. It implies a new morality to the decisions she has made to sacrifice all the men she sent back in time before Cole – she didn’t kill a few for a greater good, she started Project Splinter to save her offspring.

12 Monkeys: S01E08 - Yesterday

Thumbs down:

– The Dr. Jones’s lab explosion scene was awful, very theatrical and unrealistic.

– Are Aaron and Cassandra back together? How did that happen? Why? I don’t approve of this relationship.

– Cassandra is so easily convinced the lack of Cole’s body means his mission succeeded and he’s been erased – that doesn’t go with her previous worrying nature. Cole knows the virus he’s trying to stop started in 2016 and the one responsible for the outbreak in Chechnya only started in the alternate timeline where Cassie died, therefore there’s no reason to believe the missile strike would stop the 2016 outbreak. Why is it Dr. Railly doesn’t know about it?

So, Dr. Jones plans to steal Colonel Foster’s core to bring Cole back to 2043. Let’s see how she will do it in Tomorrow, I’m curious.

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