TV Review – 12 Monkeys S01E09 : Tomorrow

We meet again for another ride with 12 Monkeys.

Dr. Railly is dead, and 2017 is in chaos.  Meanwhile, in 2043, Jones has destroyed the cure for the 2040 mutation of the virus and Cole and Ramse are no longer friends.  However, we can all breathe easy because 12 Monkeys has been renewed for a second season!

12 Monkeys - Season 1

Episode 9, Tomorrow, was a touching, poetic way to wrap up the previous episode, Yesterday, which left us with Cole lost in time and Dr. Railly moving on with her life, unaware of what was to come. Tomorrow is divided in three subplots, each of them happening at a different point in the timeline.

In 2017, the virus is taking its first victims, people are out on the streets rallying for a cure, and Cole is reunited with Dr. Railly minutes before her death.

In 2041, Ramse and Cole have fled from West 7 and are trying to survive the cold and hunger when they are captured and taken to Dr. Jones’s laboratory.

In 2043, Jones succeeds in retrieving Colonel Foster’s core machine, but not without taking the lives of several innocents in Spearhead.  We’ve learned from this episode that Jones’s moral compass is twisted.  She’s willing to do anything to reset the timeline. If she rewrites time, the slaughter will have never happened.



groups_West7threatassesment– “Goodbye Jonathan,” was an unexpected line. Col. Foster’s death really caught me by surprise, and I thought he’d fall fighting. What a cheap trick, Katrina.

– While in the humvee, Cole hears Cassie’s broadcast, “The seventh quarantine zone has been established in west Manhattan. If you’re in this area, you can go to the western 7 zone for safety.” Deacon started the West 7 ‘gang’ while taking over the quarantine zone.

–  Now Jones wants to reset the timeline to be able to reunite with her daughter, Cole wants to save Cassie even though he knows they can’t be together, and Ramse wants to protect the family he’s just discovered he has. Screw you, mankind.

Memorable quote:

“No matter what I do, you always die”, was a touching line. It’s clear when Cole has Cassie dying in his arms and kisses her he is if in pain, that he loves her and he feels useless because he couldn’t stop her death.

It’s especially important to me, because it reminds me of watching young Cole get into his father’s car in the ending of Terry Gillian’s 12 Monkeys. The feeling of powerlessness is the same.  It’s the feeling that got me into the movie when I watched it for the first time.

Can history be re-written? Tag along, we’ll see!

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