TV Review: 12 Monkeys – S01E11

Welcome back 12 Monkeys fans! What year are we in now?

Sorry I wasn’t around for episode 10, but thinking back, what was episode 10 after the brilliant juxtaposition of timeline layers we have witnessed in episode 11? Was it just me or did you also feel comforted by Olivia’s peaceful voice over in the letters she wrote to Ramsey?




S01E11’s initial cut reminded me so much of the Blade Runner universe I could bet it was its primary inspiration.

It’s 1987 in Tokyo and it really feels like it: the atmosphere, the music, the color palette, the Japanese mob, Leland Goines’s wig. . .the episode title, ‘Shonin‘ (証人), which means ‘witness’, was misleading though, since it’s actually about Ramsey and his awakening to the part he plays on preserving the current timeline events. Let’s make something clear here: there’s no proof so far that Ramsey is The Witness. Cole’s conclusion is based solely on the information he has.




– Jennifer’s conversation with her father in the mental institution was gorgeous acting, I don’t miss Brad Pitt’s Jeffrey performance when Emily Hampshire has her crazy mode on!


– Olivia told Ramsey in one of her letters to write down everything he was living – what better way to tell us this is not going to be his only splinter and that it’s not an accident she nicknamed him “The Traveler.” That notebook is going to be his compass!

– So it’s Cole’s last jump, it isn’t Cole’s  last jump. Cole is dying, Cole isn’t dying. Is he going to get stuck in 2015 for good now?


– Syfy has additional short webisodes on its webpage. It’s unfortunate they are not available for viewers in Brazil, but you should make the most out of the extra information available if you’re in the good perimeter. [Webisode 3 brings Jennifer talking with her psych doctor, I’ve been told.]


– At this point in the show time travel starts to get really confusing for outsiders! Syfy has a time map for each episode in the series which helps to understand some of the crazy coming and going, you can find it here.

Next time we meet for 12 Monkeys, the Season Finale will have already aired, I feel so nostalgic! We’ll talk about Paradox and Arms of Mine then.

See you all soon!


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