TV Review: All This and Gargantua 2!

It’s that time of year again: The Venture Bros has come out with another spectacular special.  While Team Venture has treated us to quite a few hour-long specials in the past, none have ever changed the game like this.

“All This and Gargantua 2” is more than just a bridge between seasons 5 and 6 of The Venture Bros.  It’s a total revamp of the series, done in the show’s signature bizarre, humorous style.

This special promised that we would see everyone that the Venture family has ever encountered, and they did not disappoint. 

revengesociety, the venture bros
Chuck and Lady Nightshade, while mentioned, do not make a formal appearance.

But let’s look at the cast we were dealing with here.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that everyone save for my beloved Molotov Cocktease makes an appearance.  The Revenge Society (Phantom Limb’s splinter society for super-villains) is front in center at the beginning of this episode, led by none other than Dr. Henry Killinger.  Killinger has been training the Revenge Society to hone their talents and overcome their own self doubts with flying colors.

We meet new Society members Radical Left and Henchman Zero, making another appearance as just “Zero,” this time.  As he says, he henches for no man.  Despite protests from Phantom Limb about Killinger’s master plan, it seems like the Society’s going headfirst into a heist.

That is, until company pulls up, and we find out that the Revenge Society has been squatting in the old family home of the Monarch.  Which, by the way, is in a terrible neighborhood.

I should mention that the C-plot of season 5 is actually the Monarch’s backstory, and it’s no coincidence that the episode starts in his family home.  However, this plot isn’t featured in the special, but will likely be important in season 6.  I just thought it would be important to note.

brock, the venture brosNow, I did mention a heist.  As it turns out, Dr. Venture’s younger brother, the vastly more successful Jonas Venture Jr., has opened up the Gargantua space station as a luxury resort.  The Venture boys are headed to space, and Dr. Venture is less than thrilled.

Also headed to space: Brock Samson and Amber Gold on undercover OSI business.  Turns out JJ might have some shady investors.  That’s right: The Investors are back.  They actually play a very vital part in this special, as opposed to lurking in the shadows like they usually do.

Meanwhile on earth, we find out a couple things in quick succession.  First: the power is out at the Venture Compound, and Sergant Hatred has absolutely no idea what to do.  Second: Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Dr. Girlfriend) is on The Council of 13, and they’re calling an emergency meeting.

drmrsthemonarch, the venture brosSounds like normal Venture Bros fare. That is, until we get a montage of other Council of 13 members meeting their sudden demises, causing a frenzy over at OSI headquarters.  Cl. Hunter Gathers realizes what’s going on: The Sovereign is back-burning his council now that OSI is closing in. Throughout the episode, we must watch as Dr. Girlfriend attempts to escape The Soverign’s plan with the help of “The Guild Resistance,” aka the two Guild henchmen that we always see.

Couple the chaos on earth with a heist in space, and you’ve got one hell of a special feature.

lightsabers, the venture bros
I didn’t make that last part up.

There are all kinds of cameos and references in this episode, so you better make sure your Venture Bros. knowledge is up-to-date.  Without giving too much away, I will say we see quite a few old favorites, find out more about the shape-shifting Sovereign, and witness a lightsaber vs. magic umbrella battle when The Investors battle Dr. Killinger.

As it turns out, The Investors and Killinger are a lot more supernatural than originally suspected.  Plus, it seems like Killinger is playing God just a little too well. 

This special is a must-see, and don’t miss the darkly hilarious epilogue on!

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