TV Review – Arrow S03E17: Suicidal Tendencies

Hello and welcome to my review of Arrow 3×17, “Suicidal Tendencies,” also known as “Oliver is Always Right Even When We Have to Character-Assassinate Everyone Else to Make Him Right.”


Things That Happened that Made Sense

  • Lila and Diggle got married and it was adorable
  • Ray officiated and was adorable
  • Lila and Diggle were kind of abducted by Amanda Waller and sent on a mission to rescue a senator that was actually all a frame-up so the senator could win the presidency
  • ‘Making sense’ is a really low bar in this episode guys
  • Love those guys
  • Deadshot proves he is not a douche by giving us flashbacks to when he yelled at a three-year-old and hit his wife
  • Oh wait no he’s still a douche
  • Diggle and Lila waffle about whether to stick with family or duty, since there is no possible way for us to have a combination of both



Remember that false dichotomy thing we were doing last week?

Yeah. We’re still doing that. So onto Things That Happened that Made No Sense At All

  • Two reasonable business men are infuriated that someone else is doing the exact same thing they are

Unfortunately, that took up the majority of the episode. Yep. That was pretty much it. One big measuring contest between Oliver and Ray, our friendly neighborhood vigilantes.


It was ridiculous. Not only were both Oliver and Ray angry at Felicity for not hiding their secret and not sharing the other’s, but they also spent a good deal of the episode knocking each other around. Legally and physically. Unfortunately, for this match-up to happen, Ray’s character had to be conflated into a big ball of vengeful rage for… no discernable reason.


Also there were like… people dying? From crime? While the boys were having their spitting contest?

The whole thing just made both of them look absurdly petty. Maybe some fanboy somewhere was salivating furiously to see how the match-up would end, but I could have saved him (and us) the trouble.


Oliver wins.

Even when one person is in a supersuit designed for combat and is about a kajillion times smarter, the writers will ignore that. If that person happens to be more right, we’ll just change that person until Oliver does win.

Oliver has to win. If he is not 100% right all the time, he is not our hero.

I don’t know about you, but this pattern is getting very old.

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