TV Review: Better Call Saul S01E03 – Nacho

Hello again Better Call Saul fans!

Here we are for another recap, looking forward to next Monday’s episode already.

There’s a Brazilian proverb that goes: “A thief who steals from a thief will receive 100 years of forgiveness.”

This might well have been a thought in Nacho’s mind when he came over to Jimmy’s office to ask him for details on the Kettlermans because he planned to collect the embezzled cash. Jimmy felt so very sorry to have mentioned it on their last encounter in the desert, he called his blond lawyer friend Kim and warned her the family might be in danger. Not happy with her response, he made another late-night call from a remote pay phone to give the Kettlemans a head start himself, which didn’t stop them from vanishing overnight.

Directed by Terry McDonough, who was responsible for Breaking Bad S02E08, a.k.a. Better Call Saul (an introduction to Saul Goodman), episode 3 establishes Jimmy as a man of action, a man who’s got to do everything himself, from the moment he puts together the paper towel tube device to disguise his voice on the phone with the the Kettlemans to figuring out they had faked their kidnapping, and then crossing the desert to find them happy campers singing in their tent, Jimmy has no one in his corner and he handles his problems nicely if you ask me.


It’s interesting that in the beginning, the flashback tells us it wasn’t always this way. Jimmy counted on his mother and brother to get him out of far more trouble than we can imagine, then again, it seems he learned, he turned into a better man.


Thumbs up:

– We’ve seen short different intros to the three episodes so far released and it’s a quite positive feature. Let’s hope they continue this way. No one likes two-minute intro themes.

– Mike and Jimmy’s relationship reaches the next level after Mike refuses to press charges against him and ends up helping him figure out how to find the Kettlemans. It means no more validation stickers talk from now on, right?

– “Welcome to team Kettleman!” – the answering machine message. This is going to be hard to forget, along with their singing and clapping in the tent.

Breaking Bad Easter Eggs, like Jesse Pinkman‘s initials on this pay phone.


– The gratifying bathroom negotiation scene with a prosecutor who can’t even keep his defendants’ names right reinforces the view of Jimmy as a persistent, hardworking lawyer. You couldn’t exactly tell that from watching him in Breaking Bad.

Nacho was impeccable in my opinion, no thumbs down today, guys.

Better watch for Pop Culture:

– The episode of Better Call Saul begins and ends with Saul saying “Here’s Johnny”, first to Chuck in prison, and then in the tent to the Kettlemans. The first, a reference to Johnny Carson and the latter an exhilarating reference to The Shining.


Quote of the time:

“It’s human nature to want to stay close to home… nobody wants to leave home.” [said by Mike]


What do you think happens next with Jimmy and Kettlemans in that tent with all that money? See you all around Tuesday for our weekly discussion of Better Call Saul — everybody’s beloved lawyer’s adventures in New Mexico!

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