TV Review- Better Call Saul S01E05: Alpine Shepherd Boy

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We’re back for Better Call Saul. We’ve all been anticipating a Mike-centric episode that will finally explain Mr. Ehrmantraut’s past.  We also eagerly await to find out what started the bond between Mike and Saul, as we saw on Breaking Bad.  But before we can see any of that happen, let’s take a look a Alpine Shepherd Boy.

Director Vince Gilligan is fond of long shots and montages, in order to build atmosphere.  It was very much a part of his signature style in Breaking Bad.  In episode five, this style slows the pace, but that’s not actually a bad thing.


S01E05 opens with the police at Charlie’s door, asking for clarification on the newspaper incident. When he refuses to open the door, the officers force themselves inside and tase him. He ends up catatonic at the hospital, surrounded by all sorts of the electromagnetic waves that he fears.

Meanwhile, we follow Jimmy around on his first business visits, following his new billboard.  We meet a secessionist kook. A toilet patenter working mostly with sex jokes.  And naturally, a will.  This will McGill’s eventual start in Elder Law.  Which, naturally, was suggested by Kim during the regular pedicure session.




– The opening credits. A bus bench ad for the legal services of Saul Goodman. Whether you need a lawyer or not, it’s popular opinion that his mail line message is a must-see.

– Lawyer fashion inspiration! Jimmy watches the television drama Matlock, then copies Ben Matlock’s suit.  He thinks it’ll appeal to old people. It does.

– Jell-o. I had to make my own gelatin dessert to stop the craving.  It takes me back to my childhood!  S01E05 was apparently going to be called “Jell-o,” but didn’t get the brand rights.

– Jimmy gives Kim a pedicure and it’s all tender and sweet, but it also puts them in an awkward spot.

– This episode expanded on Jimmy and Chuck’s relationship, and nothing makes that clearer than the hospital scene. Jimmy is both Chuck’s caretaker and his protector.  The hospital scene showcased just how much Jimmy loves his brother.  However, it also revealed that Jimmy thinks and thinks he might somehow be responsible for Chuck’s condition.


Favorite quotes:

The whole sex/toilet conversation was hilarious, and the exchanges between Jimmy and the old lady with the complicated family history were very entertaining as well.

“Viagra was originally invented to treat hypertension. Look how that turned out.”

“I hope you do make a fortune off of it to pay for Chandler’s therapy.”


See you all soon!

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