TV Review: Better Call Saul S01E06 – Five-O

Welcome back, Better Call Saul fans! Last week the spotlight was on Mr. Mike Ehrmantraut, played by Jonathan Banks.

The mystery surrounding Mike’s past dates back to his Breaking Bad days and was  finally cleared out in Better Call Saul S01E06, Five-O.

In what’s being called one of the best episodes ever made by the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul crew (so far,) we learned that stone-faced, apparently emotionless Mike actually has a heart after all.  Oh, and he’s consumed by guilt.

Back when he was in Philly, the police force had too many corrupt cops, Mike included. His son Matty seemed to be the only cop who refused to get his hands dirty. Matty’s sergeant tried to include him in a deal that he obviously wasn’t comfortable with. But he still consulted his Mike, who advised him to take part in the deal or risk endangering his family. Matty was killed by his colleagues in what was made to look like an ambush. Mike figured out that his son had been betrayed, and went after the cops that killed Matty.


In 2013, Jonathan Banks got an Emmy for his role as Mike in Breaking Bad.  Curiously, the character joined the show during season 2, because Bob Odenkirk could not make it to Albuquerque in time to shoot a scene.  They needed  to shoot a post-mortem scene in which someone needed to “clean up” and tell Jesse (Aaron Paul’s character) what to do next. It was originally supposed to be Saul that did it.

Banks’ acting in episode Five-O was brilliant. What a great back story for an accidental character who ended up being cherished by every Breaking Bad fan.


Memorable quotes:


Jimmy was hardly seen in Five-O but when he was seen, he was carrying the best of his humor:

Police officer:”You look like Matlock.”

Jimmy: “No, I look like a young Paul Newman dressing up as Matlock.”

“Start at the beginning, okay? We’re talking book of Genesis.”

Mike’s Godfather-esque monologue is not to be forgotten, I bet it gave many grown-up men teary eyes:

“I broke my boy . . . I got Matty to take the money, and they killed him 2 days later. He was the strongest person that I ever knew . . . I was the only one who could get him to debase himself like that . . . I made him lesser . . . I made him like me.”


See you later for more Better Call Saul!

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