TV Review – The Big Bang Theory: The Prom Equivalency

I never truly understood proms because they are not something we do here. Brazilian high schoolers throw graduation parties but they are nothing like the American proms we see on the movies or the 27-day Norwegian graduation ones.



The encyclopedia of adolescence (yes, apparently adolescence needed it) says that many view proms as an important rite of passage, because they provide opportunities for adolescents to make key statements that implicate their notions of autonomy, self-fulfillment and expression, thus this is why they are so significant for teenagers.

Teenagers. This is why I didn’t buy The Prom Equivalence.

The Big Bang Theory season 8 episode 8 started with the girls talking about their past prom experiences, which were mostly unremarkable.

I don’t find it a strong enough reason to support the prom do-over set-up and movies do present us with quite good reasons to believe some people would never want to repeat a prom night.


Friends – The one with the prom night




Carrie (1976)



Sixteen Candles



Napoleon Dynamite





But I can deal with the do-over if that was what it took to shoot the episode, if that was what it took for the Sheldon ‘I love you, too’ scene.

Much has been said about this episode in terms of character development. Sheldon’s love confession to Amy is certainly quite a big step for a robot, a huge leap for artificial intelligence studies!

I felt happy for Amy. We’ve seen her prove how much she cares for Sheldon in so many occasions, not just by putting up with his awkward behavior, but also by accepting it and coming up with ways to make their relationship work.

What was the episode about besides these three and a half minutes of ‘chicken soup for the soul’? Not much.

Honorable mentions:

– Penny and Leonard dancing alone on the roof.

The Prom Equivalency


– Howard and Stuart’s fight inside the limo (though I guess the screenwriters could leave Howard’s past love life in the past, it would be definitely a win for everyone)

– Sheldon’s idea to pretend being an alien in the prom.

– “Just because I love you doesn’t mean girls are allowed in my room!”

– Oh gawd, Raj’s girlfriend Emily is annoying.

– Prom pictures.


The big bang theory


For an animated infographic of Sheldon and Amy’s romance, click here.

Carol Ann Susi died after a brief battle with an aggressive cancer discovered a week and a half ago. She was 62. Susi played the role of Mrs. Wolowitz, Howard’s mother, whose face was never shared with viewers, but whose voice would be noticeable from a mile away.





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