TV Review – Dark Matter S02E01: Welcome to Your New Home

Warning: This review has important spoilers for both last season and this season of Dark Matter. Only read this article if you want to learn these spoilers.

Season One Recap

Last season on the Syfy original series Dark Matter, six crew members (played by Marc BendavidMelissa O’NeilAnthony LemkeAlex Mallari Jr, Jodelle Ferland, and Roger Cross) and an android (Zoie Palmer) woke up on their spaceship (named the Raza) to discover that all seven of them had their memories wiped. The crew members numbered themselves in the order that they woke up (same as the order listed above), even after they discovered their true identities as criminal mercenaries, a CEO disguised as a criminal mercenary, and a stowaway. They continued to take mercenary jobs until Six betrayed the team in the season finale, turning them in to the Galactic Authority for an as yet unknown reason.

Moving Forward

In “Welcome to Your New Home” the crew of the Raza is split into two distinct groups: in custody and not in custody. The Galactic Authority has only put Two, Three, and Four in the prison’s general population, the others are all relatively free.

Dark Matter

Within the Prison

Two, Three, and Four wake up in the general population of the Galactic Authority Supermax Detention Facility, with only a hazy idea of how they got there. They waste very little time getting in trouble: Three gets forcefully asked for his rations by a gang that he does not remember and then by Nyx (Melanie Liburd) after she scares off the first gang, Two gets put in solitary for two days with Nyx after she tries to help Three out, and Four starts a prison riot trying to test the prison’s reaction to chaos. Three hears that the infirmary might not be the worst place to stay while in prison, only to learn that the rumor was too good to be true. Two allies with Nyx and learns that the crew’s situation is uniquely notable. Four meets with a different gang leader and learns that there will be resistance if they attempt to escape. Nevertheless, they resolve that they will escape from the detention facility.

Outside of the Prison Population

One and Five wake up in the staff wing of the detention facility, where Six visits and informs them of his betrayal of their crew, which he felt obligated to follow through with once he learned that he had been an undercover Galactic Authority officer. Since One and Five were not previously deadly criminals, they were not placed in the general population. One’s lawyer comes to free him, but not before he reminds Six that Two is not safe in the government’s hands due to her illegal modifications. On this advice, Six tries to get Two removed from the general population, but fails.

Six learns concerning things regarding the Galactic Authority: they are easily manipulated by the corporations and they knew of the bombing he re-lived last season, and did nothing to stop it. One tries to readjust to being his former self, and tries to investigate leads in his wife’s murder with little success. The Android refuses to give up her memories of the Raza to the Galactic Authority scientist requiring it of her.

We discover a conspiracy against One, Two, Three, Four and Five planned by the Galactic Authority. Six and his coworker lead Five towards a group home, but are stopped by a Galactic Authority investigator, who insists that Five be put in her custody. Jace Corso, who One replaced on the Raza, shoots One several times, seemingly killing him.

What’s Next in Dark Matter?

This episode set up the major plots for at least the next section of the season. I find it very unlikely that Dark Matter is going to permanently kill One off in the second season premiere. He was trying to solve his wife’s murder, a plotline which involves Three too closely for it to be immediately dropped. However, if they did, they can always bring back Marc Bendavid as Jace Corso. On the other hand, bets are on the escape from the detention facility happening sometime before episode five. Meanwhile, Six is probably going to be an “outside man” in the escape plot, as he’s clearly having second thoughts about his betrayal.


  • The title card is subtly different; instead of metal putting itself together, the title is created by some sort of the projection. Could this mean something?
  • We learn Five and Six’s real names: Kal Verrick and Emily Koulburn, respectively.
  • It’s odd that solitary confinement allows prisoners who fought each other and became confined to talk to each other in some sort of alternate reality. One would think it would lead to this sort of alliance more often.

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