TV Review – Elementary S04E07 – Miss Taken

Elementary is back and it feels so good. Our favorite detectives are back from the holiday break and they definitely came back with a bang. This was one of those cases that kept you guessing until the last moment. Bonus, we were treated to a secondary plot focused on Joan and her family (something that is always welcome, and that we definitely don’t get enough of).

The case was probably one of my favorites of the series’ run, mostly because it kept you guessing. There are cases that you can figure out in five minutes who the killer was and why they did it, then there are cases that keep you guessing, this one was definitely the latter. It’s also one of those cases that seem to be about something and ends up being about something else entirely. Here we thought it was a simple case of a dead FBI agent, but really that was just the opening.

Elementary S04E07 - Miss TakenThe real case was the mystery of a girl’s disappearance and whether or not the girl who claimed to be her, was really her. It definitely took for a ride, from the start we knew she wasn’t the real Mina but that was the least of the problems. Did the parents know it was an imposter? Had they killed the real Mina? Had she been the one to do something to the real Mina? In the end it turned out the real Mina was still alive and she was reunited with her parents, while the impostor went to jail. The interesting thing about this case was the way Sherlock couldn’t figure her out. She was just that good of a liar. It’s always interesting when someone causes Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) to really use his brain and his skills. It keeps them sharp after all.

The secondary plot was about Joan and her stepdad. It was a nice change from Sherlock’s family drama, even though I love it, and I’m always up for learning more about Joan. The drama started when Captain Gregson gave Joan a book called “The Heart Bled Blue” that was supposedly about a Chinese-American woman and a detective from London who solve cases for the NYPD. Sound familiar? It was a fictional version of Sherlock and Joan written by an author under the pseudonym Grover Odgen. We later found out it was written by Joan’s stepdad as she confronts him about it.

She’s absolutely pissed about it, she uses Sherlock’s privacy as her excuse but we figure there’s more to it. And of course there is. She finds out that Sherlock had known about it for months and she seems bothered that he’s not more bothered. He explains that he doesn’t mind when it’s fictional, that he’d only gotten mad at her when she’d done her own work because it had been his real past and his real name. Then he asks her the same question we’re asking, why is she so mad at her father?

She blocks the question but later on in the episode we get our answer. She had a very good relationship with her dad, they were partners in crime and best friends, until he cheated on her mother. Her mother forgave him but Joan put him in arms length, probably as a resort to avoid getting hurt.  Her stepdad comes by the brownstone to explain why he’d written the book. It turns out he’d done it because it helped him be close to her again. She pulled away from him when everything had happened and he missed her. He claimed it was his biggest regret. He leaves the sequel for Joan to read, and decide what to do with it.

Elementary S04E07 - Miss TakenI think it is necessary to note the differences between Joan’s father and Sherlock’s father. Both of them are estranged from their kids but go about it in very different ways. Joan’s father is repentant and wants nothing more than to get back in her good graces just because he misses her. He has no ulterior motive for the choices he is making. While on the other side of the coin there’s Sherlock’s father, who as we learned in the finale, doesn’t exactly have good motives after all.

In the end, Joan ends up reading the sequel and gives it back to her father, telling him she doesn’t have a problem with the books anymore. She extends an olive branch in letting him publish the sequel and telling him they can go over her notes together. It’s the first step towards forgiving her father. I fear it won’t be that easy whenever Morland Holmes’ true intentions come to light.


Favorite Quotes:

Sherlock Holmes: I am actually the basis for several fictional characters across various media.

Joan Watson: We lived on Ogden avenue, grover was our dog and by the way that is how you make a porn name not a pen name.”


Additional Comments:

*I loved the tongue and cheek comment about him being the basis for several fictional characters.

*So glad to have gotten more of Joan’s family.

*I wouldn’t be surprised if “Cassie” comes back on a later episode.

*I wish we could read The Heart Bled Blue, it definitely sounds interesting.

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