TV Review – Elementary S04E02: Evidence of Things not Seen


Elementary has done it again with another fantastic episode filled with intrigue and wonderful character moments. We even got our first real look at John Noble’s Morland Holmes!

This episode Sherlock and Joan work with the FBI, and compared to the NYPD it’s definitely a learning curve. For one, working with the FBI means our team has to fight to stay on the case every step of the way. They have no freedom, and the superiors just think they take up space. And, of course, Sherlock manages to do a few fairly illegal things. It takes a lot of hard work, but Sherlock and Joan manage to close the case and stay in the FBI’s good graces. This will likely come in handy, especially if the deal with Morland doesn’t work out or backfires on them.

Elementary S04E02 - Evidence of Things not SeenWhat can be said about Morland? He’s a fascinating character. His interactions with Sherlock give us a lot in terms of how their relationship is. They only share one scene together, but we’ve got Sherlock pondering the possible repercussions throughout the episode. What’s most telling comes from Sherlock himself: “I listened closely for years, you were too busy to have a patience for weakness, real or imagined and that hasn’t changed. I don’t need reminding that relapse is grounds for eviction.”

Sherlock still has problems with dealing with certain emotions. At the same time, Sherlock wants to believe his father is sincere, and that this won’t backfire. It’s why it takes him the whole episode to come up with a decision. Even then, the biggest factor was simply that the NYPD made him happy.

Just like in the previous episode where Sherlock spent most of his time worrying about Joan, she spent most of the episode worried about Sherlock. The final scene between Morland and Joan was excellent. It was a direct contrast to the civility of their first interaction. Joan barging into his office at the end of the episode, catching caught Morland off-guard. 

Elementary S04E02 - Evidence of Things not SeenAs the episode told us, DA never pressed charges against Sherlock was because his father paid them off. Joan, of course, used the FBI’s resources to look into Morland more closely. Her thinly-veiled threats were a sight to behold. Morland didn’t expect this when he hired Joan all the way back in season 1. It did make one thing very clear; Joan Watson is not afraid of anyone, and will go to any lengths to protect those she cares about. If that person is Sherlock Holmes, she’s even more protective than usual.

John Noble is a phenomenal addition to an already wonderful cast, and he plays off of them beautifully. It’ll be exciting to see what the season brings with him around.


Favorite Quotes:

Joan: It doesn’t have to be, but if you’re gonna be a part of Sherlock’s life again. I want to make one thing clear, I’m not going to let you hurt him.

Sherlock: Those with a great deal of power are often the same people who want a great deal more.

Joan: This is a nice office to never use.


Final Thoughts:

• The case was definitely interesting. And it’s always the little details that give people away.

• They got the case through Joan’s contacts! Our girl is truly the best.

• The NYPD squad was missed this episode!

• There are definite hints Sherlock and of Mycroft in Morland. Be sure to watch carefully!


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