TV Review – Elementary S04E08: Burden of Blood

Here we are at another fantastic and mind-boggling episode of Elementary. Once again we are reminded of Elementary and their love of a season long theme, last season the theme seemed to be recovery and sobriety, most specifically Sherlock’s sobriety. They do their themes in a specific way; sometimes Joan deals with it, sometimes Sherlock deals with.

Sometimes it’s not either of them but rather another important member of the show like Captain Gregson or Detective Bell. And sometimes it’s the case that recalls the theme. This season the underlying theme seems to be family. Sherlock’s relationship with his father as we saw in the earlier episodes of the season or Joan’s relationship with her stepfather as we saw last week. This week it was the latter options, both Detective Bell and the case dealt with family relations.

First let’s measure this case. Just like last week it was another case that kept us guessing. Of course the villain wasn’t quite as interesting but it was still intriguing. One of the things I like the most about elementary’s cases is that while they might seem open and shut at the beginning it’s never as easy as “the boyfriend/husband did it”. That tends to get annoying or predictable sometimes. And while here you might think the significant other did it, and most of the time they are guilty of at least something, they don’t tend to be the killer.

Elementary S04E08 - Burden of BloodIn this case it’s interesting because if they hadn’t gone after the husband or the lover they would have never been privy to the former beating the latter. That gave them access to the house, which included the photo-album that lead them to the real killer. And here’s where the theme of family really kicked in, the brother killed our victim because she was pregnant. They had promised not have children because they didn’t want to pass on their father’s genes. Even with her tubes tied she still got pregnant and was thinking of having the kid, so her brother killed her in the same way their father killed their victims. How’s that for Karma?

Detective Marcus Bell headed the B plot for the episode, and I have a confession to make, out of all the supporting characters in the show he’s probably my favorite. Well of those that are still in the show of course, I will forever love Kitty Winter. Sherlock comes home to find Marcus leaving and of course his first assumption is that he and Joan are sleeping together. Of course Joan completely blows him off but we know Sherlock, once he finds a mystery he doesn’t drop it. So he investigates and realizes Bell is actually studying for the sergeant’s exam and he’s offended that he wasn’t the one asked for help studying.

Elementary S04E08 - Burden of BloodIt’s always a pleasure to see Jonny Lee Miller and Jon Michael Hill interact. Their interactions are among the most hilarious in the show and this episode was no exception. Marcus and Sherlock’s friendship is strange and yet satisfying and it’s one of the aspects of the show that proves how much Sherlock has matured over the seasons. Sherlock being the observant person he is of course figures out that Bell doesn’t want to be a sergeant so he confronts the man about it and finds out the real reason. Marcus wants the raise to help provide for his mother who just got fired from her job. But he won’t take a loan from Sherlock or anything of the sort.

So what do Joan and Sherlock do? They give him a “fake” case file and tell him to solve it. That it will help him with everything he needs. Marcus doesn’t quite understand but he does it anyway, trusting Joan and Sherlock. Of course it turns out to be a real case with a real reward. Sherlock and Joan had just changed the names and knew Marcus would solve it. Marcus’ mother gets the 36 grand and he doesn’t have to quit doing what he loves. It shows how much both Sherlock and Joan would do to help out their friends. Sherlock in particular is very protective of those he cares about so this episode is a great way to showcase that.


Best Quote:

Bell: So you said the bounty is for 40 so why is mom only getting 36?

Sherlock: Out of respect for your strong feelings about charity, I’m taking a 10% finders fee. I’ve got to go. Need to find just the right bleach to remove the bloodstains from my spacesuit.

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