TV Review – Graceland S03E03 – Sense Memory

Hello darlings, and welcome to another episode review for Graceland!

I’m sorry I wasn’t here last week. I was out of town, and this is a little late because of Comic Con weekend so let’s just jump in shall we?

I keep waiting for the show to screw up again, because I don’t dare hope that it’s going to be as good as season one, but s3 actually keeps surprising me. It’s still a little off, but it’s definitely on the right track. In the season premiere Briggs made a comment that this will get a lot worse before it gets better.  I think this is the start of that. Maybe this episode should have been called “We Are Reckless” instead of Sense Memory, because they were all reckless to the extreme this episode.

The team gets the news of Sid’s death, and Mike makes the call to shut down Carlito. They are all eager to put the Sid problem behind them, except Johnny, for obvious reasons. Mike and Paige are the ones at the op, and everything seems to be going according to plan until they hear sound coming from a crate. They open it, and it’s not contraband but rather: chickens. Mike seems to go into a trance and starts counting the chickens. He doesn’t hear Paige talking to him, and he doesn’t hear the gunshots aimed at him. Paige shoots the person shooting at Mike, who stops counting and looks disillusioned at the number and walks off, leaving Paige standing there.




Then there’s Johnny and his ‘boring makes no sense’ storyline that he has now dragged Jakes into. I want this storyline to be over, not only because it’s pointless but because the coloring kind of hurts my eyes.  It’s way too yellow! Since Jakes’ followed Johnny, the later was forced to spill the beans about everything, including Lucia. First Jakes tells him he’s not Briggs, which is a pretty huge compliment, but Johnny isn’t okay with that, and then he agrees to help Johnny. This is what I love about Jakes.  He pretends like he doesn’t care, but in the end he always helps out. Also, let’s hope they never do anything to piss him off because Jakes knows everything about everyone. It’s why his hair is so big, it’s full of secrets.

Paige seems to be the only one, apart from Jakes, who is actually thinking with her head. She confronts Mike about what happened at the bust but he just subtly blows her off. My shipper heart knows these two have a long way to go before they can even go back to even a friendship like the one they had but it’s nice to see progress no matter how small. She’s so worried about Mike that she even goes to Briggs. Briggs tries to patronize her and makes a quip about not forgiving her. So she throws everything she did to Charlie in his face, and I’m going to throw in what he did to Mike as well. She stands up for herself and makes him listen to what she has to say. This is the Paige I loved from season 1 and I’m delighted that she’s back. Briggs promises to talk to Mike.




Mike is well on his way to being reckless with a side of reckless. His “visions” are connected to his pain meds and he ran out of them so what does he do? Try to buy them illegally. He goes crazy on the guy when he gets ripped off and gets the meds. The next day Briggs confronts him and tells him people are worried about him. Mike finally says what it is he saw. He speaks of a tree line and 47 red birds. He then claims to have been sent back here to figure out what they mean. I understand how much this means to him and I do believe in faith, what I don’t want is my favorite character getting addicted to pain-killers as a way to try and find the questions to the answers he has.


what they meant


Another one who’s reckless with the side of reckless is Charlie. Ironic since I always say Mike and Charlie are like siblings. Charlie is in the Sunny state with Amber and they are trying to find the famous ‘Reggie’ who might or might not exist. As long as she’s not in jail Amber seems to be cooperating but I wouldn’t trust her just yet. She tells Charlie about a doctor Reggie had but when they talk to him Amber comes on to strong and spooks him. They get arrested and Amber tells the cop that they are agents but that turns out unhelpful, as he is a dirty cop. They almost kill Amber and have a gun pointed at Charlie when the famous Reggie comes out. He knows Amber, and the reason no one knew of any Reggie is because his name is Rodney not Reggie. After a bit of reluctance from one of Rodney’s partners the girls and the group make a deal and it’s back to SoCal. It seems Charlie kept forgetting she was pregnant so I really hope that the little peanut is okay.

Finally we arrive at Briggs and his messed up storyline. Briggs coaxes a former FBI agent, Colby Moore, out of retirement to help take down Ari. The group comes together all agreeing to help as Briggs goes out to meet the man in question. The next morning Ari wakes up in a crashed car with blood all over him and who does he call? Briggs himself.

The questions posed now are simple:

What exactly are the questions behind what Mike saw?

Will Charlie loose the peanut in her quest to get Germaine?

When are we finally getting rid of Carlito and that storyline?

Is Briggs plan going to work?

Personally I think Ari’s storyline won’t get resolved until much later, because it just started and we’re not that lucky. But hey I also thought Sid was going to have a big presence this season and he got killed in episode two, so maybe anything is possible.

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