TV Review – iZombie S01E03 : The Exterminator

This week on iZombie’s third episode, “The Exterminator,” Liv and Clive team up to solve a two seemingly-unrelated cases: a mugging and a hit-and-run. The episode picked up the slack left from last week with a good, tight plot, a clever twist or two, and two very solid emotional punches. We’ll discuss that last thing in just a second.

Also of interest:

  • Liv’s newest brain snack leaves her emotionless and detached. But like. More so.
  • Liv refuses to help Blaine (GOOD CALL)
  • Blaine recruits a few more unwilling people to the zombie cause
  • Liv’s drawing skills have continued, which gives us some insight into the sustainability of her brain-gained powers
  • Liv’s ex-coworker and fellow partier is found in a drain, shuffling and groaning for brains
  • Major moves on romantically
  • He also works helping underprivileged kids so maybe he’s not just a walking column of mayonnaise
  • Peyton and Ravi turn out to be literally the best friends anyone could ask for

That last point? Those are the episode’s two big emotional punches.


First: Ravi and Liv find Marcy Kahn. Ravi is upset by Liv’s cold-blooded assurances that Marcy can’t be saved. Really upset. Afraid that no cure for Marcy means no cure for Liv, he brings Marcy brains and tries to collect samples to gauge any progress. When disaster strikes and Liv zombies-out, he talks her down.

Despite the fact that Liv is literally dripping blood, red-eyed, and coming for him, he remains sure of his friend. So sure, in fact, that he can face her and tell her she’s alright.


My heart is warmed.


Secondly: Peyton. We got a lot more background on her this week. We got to see her in action as she prepared for the courtroom. We saw her finally lose her temper at Liv’s bizarre and intrusive behaviors, and we saw her worry about Liv. A lot.

And then in the final emotional punch, we saw her comfort Liv as her emotions finally broke through the latest brain and overwhelmed her.


My heart is so warmed it might literally be on fire.


In my review of the first episode, I talked about how iZombie could use its depression metaphor to great effect. And showing how to support people with depression, even when you have no idea what is going on in their head? That counts. That really counts.


Now if only they didn’t whack a woman of color to get the point across.

Ew, iZombie. Ew.

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