TV Review – iZombie S01E05 : Flight of the Living Dead

Gather round fans, as we review this week’s episode of iZombie, “Flight of the Living Dead.” Love interests are in the air, as are a group of famous people, and also one of Liv’s old friends, who turns up dead in a skydiving accident. She and Clive work together to solve the case, while a lot of other factors are slowly brought into play.


This wasn’t actually that great an episode, but I am flooded with relief because it was less atrocious than last week. And because Bradley James finally showed up. As a result, my review should be taken with a grain of salt.


Not a whole lot happened this episode. The mystery was fairly dismal, and happened pretty far in the background. I actually had to go back and rewatch part of it, because I realized I didn’t actually catch who killed her. I’m actually still not sure why they killed her. Okay, so the mystery portion of the episode got pretty badly mangled.



Whatever. Basically, everything else that happened in the episode was way more interesting than a murder case. For example

  • Brunette English rock star zombie Lowell Tracey (Bradley James) has eyes on Liv and wants to try a relationship
  • And despite being a zombie and a love interest, he didn’t do anything creepy to initiate their relationship
  • My standards are so low!!!
  • All I want is for men to not stalk or terrorize or track women!
  • And I got it! Whoo!
  • Anyway
  • Slightly shoehorned-in police lieutenant (Hiro Kanagawa) is covering up the disappearances downtown
  • Why?
  • Oh, he’s just a zombie
  • One of Blaine’s? We don’t know, but it seems likely
  • Major came into conflict with Blaine’s workers, and we can assume it won’t be the last time.
  • Also, can we go back to Bradley James, and how utterly endearing he was this episode?



No wonder I couldn’t focus on the murder. We’ve got zombie crime gangs, a possible romance, and the collision of Liv’s friends with Liv’s zombie life, all piling up around the edges. If these plotlines start gathering momentum, we could have a very interesting show on our hands.


Maybe even a show that, like, writes actually interesting things rather than focusing on tired, racist stereotypes.

Oops. I’m still bitter.


No but really, this episode was better. It laid some very good grounwdwork for future episodes, and if the writers actually follow through, this show could find its footing again.


I do want to take a moment to compliment the show for its visual storytelling. This episode had three sharp twists:

  • Lowell’s zombie reveal
  • Police lieutenant’s zombie reveal
  • Major/Blaine crony conflict


The zombie reveals involved diet talk, nail-clipping, and oddly-colored cocktails.


It was just enough for the sharp-eyed viewer to spend a few agonizing moments going “WHOA. THAT’S A ZOMBIE. I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING.” In a similar way, Major’s mystery made good use of Jerome’s awesome flag shoes. That moment on the steps when they were going past Major? I um. I may have shouted “Major!! Shoes!!” very loudly.


I like these visual clues. I like these new plots we seem to be preparing. I also like that we’ve abandoned the blatant racism.

For an episode, anyway.


See you next week, iZombie. I’d like to request 0% more racism and 200% more Bradley James.

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