TV Review – iZombie S01E07 : Maternity Liv

Hello iZombie fans! It’s time to review this week’s episode of iZombie. Sadly, episode seven, “Maternity Liv,” was slightly grosser than last week. And they made Bradley James act gross.



Interesting things that happened this week:

  • Liv ate the brains of pregnant lady, which gave her fierce (and hilarious) maternal instincts
  • Liv also connected a little with her mother, who has been very absent lately
  • Ravi did some rat tests that resulted in a terrifying zombie rat
  • For some reason, no one has connected Blaine’s wonder drug to zombism but it looks like we will soon
  • Ravi and Lowell had a hilarious bromance moment
  • Lowell ate a gay brain and Liv had a drunken dance party with him
  • More on that later
  • Clive accidentally spilled the beans to an awesome lady reporter
  • Liv’s brother is growing up a little, but not nearly enough
  • Crime of the week: three women are kept on some sort of cult fertility farm that also includes human sacrifice which was not built up or expected at all
  • Major did some stupid things in pursuit of Blaine and will probably get himself killed
  • The zombie-cop is growing suspicious of Liv


He totally knows.


The murder mystery was, once again, shafted for the greater good of the plot, which is not something you do with an enormous freaky crimes like “kidnapped sister wives kept in a treehouse for human sacrifice.” iZombie needs to keep their crimes simpler or make them more central to the plot, because that was a lot to swallow in one go.


Speaking of eating: Our undead protagonists’ diets are getting a little… unsavory.

Quick rundown of eaten brains

  • Sex worker
  • Two queer people
  • A sociopath
  • An ambiguously Asian man
  • A dead girl
  • A hacker
  • A pregnant woman

Do you see a trend?


Apart from the hacker, all of these people are from highly marginalized groups. Sex workers, queer people, the mentally ill, people of color, and women, are all groups that are affected by violence in higher amounts than straight white male etc people. You might say, “Well then, it’s logical that most of the crime victims would consist of people from these groups.” But these also exist in far greater numbers than straight white male etc people. So by that logic, the cast itself should reflect those numbers.

So let’s look at the current (regular) cast of people

  • Liv
  • Ravi
  • Major
  • Lowell
  • Blaine

Add in rare characters like Peyton, Mrs. Moore, Liv’s brother, and the main cast is still overwhelmingly male. We do a little better with racial representation, but there are no queer people, and only one central woman.

So why are marginalized people showing up in far greater numbers dead (and eaten) than alive?


Quick reminder that comparing people of color to food or, in cases as extreme as zombie shows, literally eating them, is a form of dehumanization and dominance.

Quick reminder that Lowell’s queer brain referred to Idris Elba as a “big piece of yum.”

Quick reminder that a few weeks ago Liv wished a dead Chinese man’s brains tasted like Chinese food.


In conclusion: We have a very frequent and very saddening trend here of (largely white) characters literally consuming (and benefiting from) marginalized groups.

It’s so gross. Dear writers: Please stop. I want to like your show.


Also, are you aware that eating queer people and then being queer for a few hours does not actually count as queer representation?

We’re not even going to talk about how Lowell’s gayness was depicted as fun and harmless and Liv’s lesbianism was shown as a hilarious aberration against the natural order of things.

We should, but this review is already long enough. So when (not if) another young queer person is cut down in the prime of life with no explanation so that they can be used for comedic value…

Then you can expect a very long review.


For now, I will just say “Hey writers. Please stop doing that.”

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