TV Review – iZombie S01E08 : Dead Air

As we watch the eighth episode of iZombie, it is time to laugh together, to cry together, and then to cry more together, and then finally to retreat into our rooms with our Ben & Jerry’s and cry forever because this episode took some turns we did not want ever.

Ahem. I’m okay. I’m totally fine. And now it’s time to review the most recent episode: “Dead Air.”


Important things that happened in this episode:

  • Liv and Lowell greatly enjoying their time naked in bed together
  • Major got his handsome face smashed in, and is in the awkward stage of knowing too much about the zombie world but still not enough about zombie world. He will probably get himself killed
  • Peyton is VERY good at her job
  • Major is less good at his job and also they fired him


  • Oops
  • Ravi and Peyton might have a thing
  • Ravi made a zombie rat
  • The murder mystery revolves around a dead Latina woman played by the inestimable Erica Cerra who is dead twenty seconds in, and then a misogynist encourages his online followers to pretend-rape her by the use of blow-up dolls with her face taped on them
  • And the grossest most rape-cultury twist, was, of course, that they were sleeping together
  • Major’s adorable girlfriend turns up again, and since she’s still in the picture, that means Major didn’t call her for help when he was arrested
  • She dumps him which like, was a really good call, but I liked her and I’m sad to see her go
  • The connection between Blaine and the police chief is solidified
  • And the police chief gained a smidge of sympathy when he tried to back out of their arrangement


  • Major helps Liv finds out that Blaine is evil
  • Major is also falling apart at the seams, and Liv thinks that the way to help is to convince him he’s wrong
  • Judging by the way his expression fell, she was vastly incorrect
  • Liv brings up a fairly salient point about how she and Lowell don’t have anything in common outside of zombieism, but it is swept under the rug
  • Peyton and Liv bonding time
  • Ravi finally gets hurt by one of Liv’s brains
  • It was super painful for everyone
  • She kind of fixed it by helping Ravi get a date
  • Ravi is bitten by the zombie rat which is horrible


  • Liv ate Jerome’s brain which means that Lowell is getting his brains from Blaine
  • In short, everything just got 100x more awful


And because nothing in our society is perfect, let acknowledge that:

On the one hand, there was a horrible misogynist that pretty much existed to be horrible and offensive and was not really punished in narrative for his views. And on the other, there was a stereotypical fiery Latina who we never actually saw alive and who was sort of endlessly vilified after her death.

It wasn’t iZombie’s proudest moment.


But honestly? This was a pretty good episode!

The murder mystery was fully integrated into the plot. Everything made sense. There were a lot of good little character moments, both funny and sad. And everything was so well-timed! I mean, if there was ever a time for Liv to eat a really bad shrink and accidentally ruin all of her relationships, it would absolutely be now.


Because the shoe is dropping. And exploding. And doing other worrying and alarming things. And now Major ‘Loose Cannon’ Lilywhite is on the very fragile case. Ravi is going to start craving brains right around the time he goes for drinks with Peyton. Lowell is very likely 100% evil. And apparently Liv is an unwitting pawn in this entire slow-mo collision.

Compared to the other shows I’m watching right now, this episode was a breath of fresh air. The plot twists were logical and carefully built, characters were not rewritten for dramatic effect…

You know. The sort of internal consistency a story is supposed to have.

The rat? Major? Even Lowell? It was fitting. It was maybe even inevitable. It was a hefty heap of good, careful storytelling.

And that is in short supply nowadays.

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