TV Review – iZombie S01E11 : Astroburger

Hello iZombie fans! And welcome to this week’s review of iZombie episode eleven, “Astroburger.”

This week was a fascinating, twisty installment with substantially more character development than last week. And it was good, too!

And by good, I mean full of doom and foreboding.


It’s like when you’re watching an episode and everything wraps up, all is happy sunshine, and then you look at the clock and realize that there are still ten minutes left in the episode?

One resounding thought goes through your head: “Oh crap.

That pretty much sums up episode eleven.

  • We open with Major in the hospital
  • He has definitely not let go of the zombie thing
  • Sadly his friend, Scott, is murdered
  • Cue our weekly mystery
  • Before his murder, Scott tells Major about a video of the infamous zombie boat party
  • Everyone in Seattle immediately beelines for it
  • Liv gets the laptop but Blaine burns the place down
  • Major has also gone for the video, but his search is aborted by Blaine and Julian’s arrival
  • Major puts himself in the trunk of Julian’s car like a moron


  • He follows them back to the butcher shop
  • Which is busy serving astronaut brains by the way
  • Blaine killed an astronaut
  • I can forgive a lot, but not that
  • Ravi cured the zombie rat
  • Yay!!!
  • It can’t be that simple please don’t let anything awful happen to Ravi
  • The video is found, and it proves to be of Liv herself eating her first brain


  • Major steals about a million dollars worth of astronaut brain and vows to kill all the zombies responsible
  • Which is worrying because he might think Liv is one of the zombies responsible
  • He’s not thinking terribly straight right now


Fun character bits:

  • Liv and Major seem to be rekindling their old flame
  • Peyton and Ravi are having an excellent time dating
  • Blaine stops by the morgue to check Liv and Ravi’s progress on the cure
  • That one wasn’t so much fun as it was terrifying


  • Protect Ravi from Zombies 2k15
  • Liv teams up with Johnny Frost, which was surreal and hilarious
  • Major is finally gifted the zombie reveal
  • Liv and Major’s old flame starts going really really well


And then you look at the clock and realize there are still ten minutes left.

Here’s the kicker. Liv ate the brain of Major’s friend Scott. Scott had delusions. Some of those fun character bits up there never happened. Specifically the ones with Major and Johnny Frost.


(I’ll be very clear. Everything in the first section of bullets happened. Everything involving Major or Johnny Frost in the second set of bullets did not happen at all.)


Johnny Frost I probably should have seen coming. Despite the delightful banter and the endless weather puns, there were a few moments where I did wonder why he was following her around. Little tiny miniscule moments. Like so small that, if they hadn’t revealed him to be a hallucination, I would have just accepted his presence. But as soon as the reveal hit, everything made perfect sense.

That’s some good writing.


Major took a little bit longer to unravel. I forgot he was in the trunk of a car, not searching for jobs. I didn’t notice that he never moved his blankets and didn’t help cook dinner. That made Liv’s hallucination of him a little bit scarier, because I had to focus and backtrack to figure out what was real and what wasn’t.

Shirtless mornings? Not real. Sleepy cuddles? Not real. Zombie reveal? Never happened. Reconciliation kiss? (Sigh.) Didn’t happen.

While the use of a vague mental illness and its accompanying delusions to move the plot forward is trite at best, it did reveal some interesting things about the dynamic between Liv and Major.


Some part of Liv still thinks that a relationship with Major is possible, otherwise she wouldn’t have believed her delusion so completely. She dreams of him as a gentle, accepting, peaceful person who accepts her without question.

He even asks if they broke up because he was boring her. What a poor little sweetheart.


So when he bursts through her door brandishing astronaut brains and vowing to kill everyone involved, it’s jarring. To say the least.


The Major that Liv dreams of doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, if she doesn’t tell him what’s happening, Major as a living person may not exist anymore.


I’m looking at the clock, iZombie fans. There are still two episodes left.

Buckle in.

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