TV Review – iZombie S01E13 : Blaine’s World

Rejoice, iZombie fans, the cute, snarky zombie show of our dreams has been renewed for a second season!

Which is good, because a lot happened this week. Like, a lot. In season one’s ambitious, but largely successful finale, iZombie wraps up the loose ends from last week and lays out a lot of potential for season two.

In our finale:
• Liv is reeling from killing the first zombie she sired
• No one has eyes on Peyton, who fled the zombie reveal like a bat out of hell
• Major is locked in a freezer by Blaine but refuses to talk like the perfect pure cinnamon roll he is
• Unfortunately, no one knows he’s locked in a freezer, so he’s on his own
• Ravi’s second try at curing zombie rats actually seems to be working
• He has two doses of cure
• Remember that. That will be important later.
• Liv eats a snarky, punk rock drummer (Arrow’s incomparable Bex Taylor-Klaus) in the hopes of finding Cameron, played by The 100’s Rhys Ward
• The CW has a limited actor pool okay
• The Max Rager group plans zombie genocide
• So is Major, but we like him
• He’s still trapped in a freezer being terrorized by zombies who are showing him the corpses of his kids and tricking him into eating brain soup
• By the way
• Liv almost takes the highly experimental cure
• Luckily, she is interrupted by Blaine
• Liv trades his astronaut brains for Major, only it isn’t Major
• Luckily Major has just enacted the most creative escape attempt ever, including street kid flambé, a full bladder, and chunks of people
• He offs five zombies
• It’s pretty awesome, not gonna lie
• It’s less awesome when Blaine shows up and knifes him in the ribs
• Oh and then he finds out his ex-fiance is a zombie
• Major is having a really rough season
• So is Liv
• She has the brilliant idea to cure Blaine
• She also has the brilliant but probably awful idea to turn Major
• He’s very bitter
• For unknown reasons, Lieutenant Suzuki blows himself and the meat shop into oblivion
• Liv’s little brother is caught in the blast and Liv’s zombie blood is the only match
• Major will probably get framed for the explosion
• Clive gets the word out about Max Rager
• Liv gives Major the rest of the cure
• Liv refuses to give blood to save her brother
• Cut to credits


Just take a moment.

Remember how I said a lot happened? I didn’t even cover it all. Like I said, the episode was ambitious, and it actually managed to succeed on almost every front.

One flaw: this episode suffered, very slightly, from some questionable pacing choices. First and foremost, the murder mystery was too twisty for a finale, especially a finale with as much content as this one. As a result, the whole thing had to be developed and wrapped up within a fifteen-minute block of back-to-back scenes. On the one hand, I’m glad they dealt with it all at once. On the other hand, I found it genuinely hard to focus, because I knew what was happening to Major.


As a result. the culmination of Major and Blaine’s storyline did not pack much punch. The timing rang a little hollow. And the episode’s resolution dragged like the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. But I will absolutely carte-blanche forgive these flaws in light of the mysteries we have lined up for this next season.

First up: Peyton. Where is she? How is she coping with the zombie reveal?

Second: Major. Will the cops catch up with him? Will the cure work? Will he continue his very attractive zombie-hunting ways? Will he forgive Liv?

Third: The cure. Does it work? If it does, will Blaine be able to sustain his zombie empire? If he can’t, are we going to see an apocalypse? Can Ravi synthesize more? Speaking of Ravi, how chuffed is he going to be that Liv used up all the cure? The cure he expressly said she shouldn’t use?

Fourth: Liv’s family. Will her brother make it? How will she explain her refusal to donate blood? How is her mother going to handle this?

In short, iZombie wrapped up with a pretty sizable and literal bang. It tied up its ends and laid groundwork for new ones. Despite a little bit of rushing at the end, iZombie has delivered a pretty solid first season, and made me very excited for season two.

Start the hiatus clock. I already want more.

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