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SelfieSo I am not the rom-com type and I only stumbled onto this show by accident.  Having tuned in in the middle of the show, I did what I rarely do and something that my DirecTV gave me an opportunity to do…start the show at the beginning.  The show I am talking about is Selfie and the only reason I was even compelled to watch was I had 45 minutes until Agents of SHIELD and I had no interest in watching The Voice.  It also stars John Cho (Star Trek, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle) and Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy) so how could a nerd like me pass this up?

Selfie is My Fair Lady in a weekly sitcom format for the constantly connected, social media generation.  Many people thought that would be lost on me, the uncultured, comic book reading dolt, but it wasn’t.   Karen Gillan plays Eliza Dooley (dead My Fair Lady giveaway), a self-absorbed, social media obsessed sales rep who after the worst day of her life, realizes she has no real friends.  In comes Henry Higgs played by John Cho, a marketing professional who begrudgingly takes on the task of re-branding Eliza and teach her to truly connect with people.

Before catching all the less than subtle My Fair Lady parallels, I found Selfie quite charming and at more than one point, down right hilarious.   This doesn’t mean the show was perfect, it was far from it.  Even though I love Karen Gillan, she did seem to overact the part a bit when she was in full-on social media diva mode and her attempts at exerting her sexual side was clumsy and awkward, perhaps by design, but not well acted regardless.  I would have liked her much more if they had let her stick with her British accent instead of having an annoying American one.

SelfieJohn Cho often switched from nice likable guy to uptight pain in the ass for no discernible reason.  It would have been nice to see him branch out a little more than his roles in the Harold & Kumar movies and Star Trek have let him.  He comes off as stiff and rather uninteresting most of the time in spite of my hopes.  Which is truly a shame because I think John is a good actor who’s been somewhat cursed with bad roles.

All of that aside, Selfie did have a lot of strong points in humor and roles of supporting characters.  Eliza’s snobby neighbor Bryn (Allyn Rachel) and her friend Eyelet (Amanda Jane Cooper) totally kill in the “make-under” scene.  Along with the company receptionist Charmonique (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) and her son Kevin (Keith L. Williams) who only get a few minutes of screen time, but steal their brief scenes, shows that the supporting cast is up to the task.

In the end, Selfie isn’t horrible, but it isn’t great.  It does have the makings in it to be good if given a proper chance.  My hopes aren’t high for this series to make it, but I do wish it all the best.




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