TV Review – Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

Ghost Crew Running from Tie Fighters - Star Wars RebelsDisney’s new series,  Star Wars Rebels, began this past weekend with the television movie “Spark of Rebellion.” It was well worth the watch: I almost cried about the whole Jedi thing (you’ll get it once you watch it). If you missed it the first time on Saturday, Disney showed an encore presentation Sunday night on Disney XD. The story was a very basic introduction to the setting and characters, and moved fairly quickly. I definitely was surprised by how much I liked it; because, I hated Star Wars: Clone Wars. Perhaps, though, once you know Anakin is going dark, and how it happens, you can’t un-see that (oh the YOUNGLINGS!).

The story, if you didn’t read our introduction or first look, takes place just after Order 66 and Palpatine’s Purge. A team of rebels is working on a robbery of some imperial crates in the capital city of Lothal (Outer Rim), and our main character, Ezra, joins in, stealing a swoop bike, really just for shits and giggles. The team barely escapes and ends up attracting the unwanted attention of Agent Kallus, and eventually, the Inquisitor (who looks well freaky for a sith lord).

Ghost, and Hera – her pilot – end up saving Ezra, the klepto that shows some strong force sensitivity from the beginning, and he reluctantly joins the team to share food and arms with a camp of refugees and then to rescue a pack of Wookies from being sentenced to the spice mines.

Ezra on Lothal - Star Wars RebelsBy the end of the episode, Kanan’s Jedi status is revealed and the empire is under the assumption that Ezra is Kanan’s apprentice.

My favorite character so far is Sabine, the Mandalorian explosives expert. The team ends up blowing up an imperial ship, and proud of her handiwork, but unable to see it, she asks Kanan if it was beautiful: for some reason that line resonated with me. We also know that she is an orphan; although, perhaps most of these characters are.

Agent Kallus Focuses on the Jedi - Star Wars RebelsSome nit-picky points: Zeb is a little overbearingly aggressive, not my favorite; the hair is rather plastic; I wish I could understand Chopper, just as I wish I could understand R2-D2; Ezra is basically Aladdin; the force sound is this weird whistle-y noise, just to make sure you get it; and the body motion can be a little odd at times.

Overall, it’s on my DVR to ‘record’ so I can continue watching, at least until it gets too much like Clone Wars. I highly recommend it, if you can catch tonight’s episode. But if you can’t, no worries, the first episode of the series won’t premiere until October 13, on Disney XD.

Credit to my bro, Daniel Searles, for help with the Star Wars lingo (he’s pretty much an expert).


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