TV Review – The Librarians S03E10: “And the Wrath of Chaos”

Last week on The Librarians, Charlene (Jane Curtin) ascended to a different plane of existence despite Jenkins’ (John Larroquette) eleventh-hour confession of love, as Stone (Christian Kane) and Eve (Rebecca Romijin) dealt with evil, albeit beloved, mentors. At the end of the episode, it looked like Eve changed sides. Has Eve joined the metaphoric Dark Side? Will Apep destroy the Library? Will Flynn (Noah Wyle) be successful in sacrificing himself? Find out on this week’s episode of The Librarians.

This week on The Librarians:

Since this is the season finale, there’s obviously a “previously on” portion of the episode reminding us about DoSA, Apep, and Flynn’s likely upcoming sacrifice. The episode proper opens as Eve and General Cynthia Rockwell (Vanessa Williams) hold a negotiation. Eve tells her mentor that she’ll give up the Library, but she’s unwilling to have DoSa go by someone else’s plan and she’s unwilling to give up the Librarians (she doesn’t include Jenkins). The general agrees to the deal. Cue title credits. Eve returns to the Library and immediately fesses up about working with DoSA, but not about giving up the Library. She says that she’s managed to steal info from DoSA about an artifact and that the Librarians must get there first. Eve tries to send all four Librarians and stay behind, but Flynn stays behind as well, at the last minute. The junior Librarians find a clue to the artifact right away, but Stone realizes it’s a fake and possibly a DoSA trap. Meanwhile, Jenkins realizes that the Door has been broken, and Jenkins and Flynn are just in time to see Eve lead DoSA into the Library.

Unsurprisingly, Flynn is very upset, and Jenkins has to remind him that they need to protect the Library. Jenkins tries to hold off DoSA with a sword. Eve tells Jenkins that she doesn’t want Jenkins to get hurt, but the General uses a gorgon head on him (but then asks Eve if she can undo it since she needs him alive). DoSA starts packing up the Library, while Flynn hides and takes artifacts. The junior Librarians have returned from their wild goose chase and they’re shocked at Eve’s betrayal.  Eve wakes up Jenkins and tries to explain herself by saying that she tried to get him safe (even though she failed) and she picked the Librarians over the Library. Jenkins is visibly furious with her and asks DoSA to take him away. The junior Librarians follow Jenkins because he should know how to separate the Library from reality, while Flynn tries to take more artifacts. General Rockwell tells Eve that DoSA has Apep’s sarcophagus. She also thinks they have Apep.  Eve (having been one of the protagonists of this season) disagrees. General says she can show Eve that the sarcophagus is safe in their hands. That pair goes in a different direction than Jenkins and the junior Librarians. Meanwhile, the junior libs find out that DoSA has built their own Library.

The Library looks like Warehouse 13, but with way more steel. It’s super high tech, and Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim) geeks out, even though he’s got higher priorities. Jenkins is in a puzzle box. Cassandra (Lindy Booth) and Stone each try to open it with correct answers to difficult puzzles, but end up accidentally punishing Jenkins for their “mistakes.” Back at the Library, Flynn steals more artifacts. Stone works out that they have to put in the ultimate wrong answers, and manage to free Jenkins. However, Jenkins doesn’t know how to separate the Library from reality, so they’re kinda stuck. General Rockwell shows Eve the sarcophagus. However, Eve says that DoSA’s technology is not enough: they need the “Orb of Nefertiti” to truly protect the sarcophagus. Eve leaves and General Rockwell says that she’ll catch up. She then opens the sarcophagus to prove to herself that Apep can’t get out. Shocking approximately no one, Apep gets out.

Flynn picks up the spear of Destiny and says goodbye to the Library.  Charlene appears in the mirror and reminds him that he must take the Eye of Ra and use it, therefore sacrificed himself. General Rockwell/Apep plans to blow up the library and release pure evil. She throws Eve across the room when she has an issue with this plan. Flynn follows General Rockwell/Apep into the catacombs of the Library. Jenkins and the junior Librarians go back into the Library. They find Eve, to their dismay, who tells them that she never betrayed them. In fact, she and Flynn were working together to get Apep in the Library so Flynn can use the Eye of Ra and lock evil away. Jenkins points out that the Eye of Ra takes a human life to work, and Flynn probably didn’t tell Eve that he’s planning to sacrifice himself.

Eve and the junior librarians are horrified, work to save Flynn from his self-sacrifice. DoSA’s bomb explodes and Apep physically manifests. Eve gets to Flynn and begs him to stop, that they can find another way. Flynn says he has to do it, that there is no other way. Then, Flynn decides to mock the evil god and gets knocked down for his trouble. Eve refuses to believe the Eye of Ra is the only way. The team runs off to create a secondary plan after getting General Rockwell out of the danger zone. Flynn gets up and mocks the god some more, then uses the Eye of Ra. Just in time, the junior Librarians manage to make Apep a human with Cassandra’s and Stone’s new magical abilities and Ezekiel’s sample of the love potion, so they can sacrifice him rather than Flynn, which they then do.

It turns out that Eve used DoSA to protect the artifacts from Apep and his rage. General Rockwell wants to claim “no backsies” and keep the artifacts, but the Librarians point out that lots of disasters would happen if that was allowed to remain the case. Considering her earlier encounter with Apep’s sarcophagus, she agrees to give them up. Meanwhile, the junior Librarians make a deal among themselves to not use magic. A case appears, and the adventure continues for the junior Librarians. Flynn tries to apologize to Eve for not telling her about the consequence of using the Eye of Ra, but Eve says it’s good he’s learning to trust her and trust working in a team.They look out over the Library while Flynn blows a bubble pipe, as the episode ends.

Thoughts on the episode:

I thought that this episode was really interesting. I actually thought that Eve had joined DoSA for her stated reasons, which shows how thoughtful Eve was as the “traitor” both in and out of universe. I also really thought they’d kill Flynn (and if not Flynn, Jenkins) off, which shows what I know. Flynn’s kind of growing on me. It’s good news that they managed to pull off an “Everybody Lives!” ending. They also ended the season on a possible series ender, which is always better than ending on a cliffhanger. I hope we find out about season four soon!


  • Season 4 of The Librarians has not been announced as I write this, but that’s no reason to worry. It took seasons 2 and 3 some time to be announced as well.
  • That deal not to use magic will probably last about five whole minutes. This is also true of Flynn not keeping secrets.
  • The Library needs to get an actual security system. Immortal Caretakers and simply separating the Library from reality clearly cannot be the only solutions.
  • I guess Charlene counts as the character death? Huh.


Images via TNT.

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