TV Review – The Librarians S2E09: And the Happily Ever Afters

In this episode of The Librarians, Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) returns to find the Annex populated by just Jenkins (John Larroquette), who doesn’t have any memory of the Guardian or any other Librarians. Eve (Rebecca Romijin), Jacob Stone (Christian Kane), Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), and Ezekiel Jones (John Harlan Kim) are all working together in a tiny island town with no memories of their lives at the library. Oh and Moriarty (David S. Lee) is the mayor of said town and dating Eve. Now everyone’s confused.

It turns out that this is the result of the blue light that invaded the Library at the end of the last episode. Ariel (Hayley McLaughlin) warns that this is not really a punishment: that Prospero (Richard Cox) has something much worse planned for the world, and this little pocket of narrative will act as a shield. We won’t know if that’s true, because (thankfully) they worked their way out of the bubble, but it might be interesting to see how they interact with Prospero next episode.

The Librarians S2E09Although this episode was a bit painful to watch (people forgetting who they’re supposed to be does NOT rank among my favorite tropes), I understand its place in the season. This season is all about narratives, and where people fit in them. This season’s Big Bad (Prospero) and his Dragon (Moriarty) are both fictional characters who have invaded reality to make it their own. In this episode, characters who live in “reality” were pushed into story-like narratives complete with happy endings. It was a nice reversal, and proof that if the writers are going to use one of the most awkward tropes, they’re going to do it for the story arc. 

A couple of arcs got possible “happily ever afters” of their own. One of these arcs was the Flynn/Eve/Moriarty love triangle, when two things occurred: (1) Eve and Flynn pulled off “True Love’s Kiss” (which I gather is a big thing in Once Upon a Time, and fairy tales in general) twice and (2) Moriarty threw an off-screen temper tantrum and went back to Prospero when Eve wouldn’t stay in the narrative with him. The other arc was Flynn choosing between his solo act and working as part of a team. He chose the latter, obviously. Since Noah Wyle’s other gig has wrapped up, I wonder if this choice is going to keep Flynn in the Library more often.

Next week’s episode looks positively apocalyptic…


  • In case you missed the memoThe Librarians has been renewed for a 15 episode season 3!
  • In Ezekiel’s “happily ever after,” he plays the good guy. Stone was right!
  • Was “Commander Cillian” not synesthetic? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • I will hereafter refer to the Librarians sans Flynn as the “baby Librarians,” (they can’t be “junior Librarians” because their Librarian status matches Flynn’s, so “baby Librarians” it is). They need a different distinction because they have a different point in the story than Flynn does. Flynn is Eve’s boyfriend, while the baby Librarians are Eve’s ducklings.

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