TV Review – The Walking Dead S05E15 – ‘Try’

The mid-season break made me lazy and this is the first review of The Walking Dead I’ve done in a while.  With the fifth season about to wrap, I knew it was time to get back into the game and talk about the show again.  There is a lot going on and a lot of unanswered questions that I need answered in next week’s 90 minute season finale; but until then, let’s get into this week’s episode.

The Walking Dead S05E15 - 'Try'
Pete literally can’t see murder six feet away

Life in Alexandria should be good, but it’s not.  The tension is thick enough to cut with a knife.  After the deaths of Noah and Aiden and with Tara clinging to life, suspicion and fear permeates the air.  The perfect community is far from it and there are some strange and sinister things going on that is keeping Rick and his group from letting their guard down.

The biggest question I have right now, is what is the deal with the “A” and “W” marks?  Rick got himself a “brand” at the party of an “A”.  And some of the walkers around the area have a “W” carved into their forehead.  What could that possibly mean?  Is it related to the gruesome dismembered corpses found in the woods?  Are Daryl and Aaron close to discovering the person or persons responsible?

This pot of hot water is about to come to a boil as the situation escalates between Rick and Deanna, Rick and Pete, and Rick and pretty much everyone else.


The Good

As Deanna burns the sympathy note left by Carol, I am filled with the feeling that everything is NOT going to be alright.  On top of the fact that she left the yummy casserole sitting on the porch.  Who does that?

Glenn is emphatic about making things work in Alexandria, but is it already too late?

The Walking Dead S05E15 - 'Try'
Daryl and Aaron go “recruiting”

How can you remain civilized in an uncivilized world?  Does Pete truly need to die for his “crimes”?  He is the only doctor they have.

Carol tells Rick that if the walkers hadn’t gotten Ed, she would not be there.  Rick’s reply was amazing and all to telling that he has already made up his mind about Pete.

Sasha going zombie commando and hunting walkers outside the walls of the town.  Is hunting walkers really a bad thing and should they be trying to stop it?  Other than being a considered drain on resources, trying to eliminate the most dangerous threat isn’t a thing to be avoided.

Carl and Enid’s little romp in the forest was enjoying to watch, right down to how they deal with the walkers they encounter.

Glenn tells Nicholas exactly how it is and he did it like a BOSS.

It takes someone who was once out of control to truly see it in someone else.  Michonne sees this in Rick and reacts accordingly.


The Bad

I’m not exactly sure what the Run Mix is or what significance it has to Deanna and her family, but it just came across as weird.

The Walking Dead S05E15 - 'Try'
The situation has truly gotten out of hand

Nicholas is a slimy little coward.  His complete reversal of the situation to make himself the hero and Glenn as a monster just doesn’t sit well with me.  Does Deanna really believe Nicholas or will this be another catalyst for a confrontation between the two groups?

Where is Maggie?  Why haven’t we seen her and Glenn together?  Is there something going on?

Gabriel’s “confession” to Deanna last week was correct in his eyes.  But if she cannot see how completely unstable Gabriel is right now, it will only drive the wedge even further.

What was the deal with Aaron carrying a tiny little snub-nose revolver while Daryl is still packing the crossbow?

The rest of the episode seemed more like a bad dream than anything else.  This was one of the most intense episodes to date and exactly what you’d expect from this show.  Rick’s slow spiral down is nearly at an end.  He and his group have slowly turned into what they use to run from and fight against.  Without the moral guidance of Hershel, the group has become what they have hated most.

As I sat watching Rick’s diatribe about living and surviving, it made me think of Shane before he released the walkers from Hershel’s barn.  It’s ironic and I guess inevitable that with everything they have been through that they have turned into what they have become.  Trust and safety are always the issue and they cannot have one without the other.  The people they have encountered, The Governor, Terminus, not to mention the countless randoms that have shaped the course of their lives…it is no wonder that they have become what they have.

This has been a spectacular season but there are a lot of loose ends to tie up.  Let’s hope that ninety minutes is enough.  Be sure to catch the Season 5 marathon on AMC starting Saturday May 28th at 8pm ET to be ready for Sunday’s season finale.


The Walking Dead S05E15 - 'Try'
Rick has become just like Shane



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