Review – The Walking Dead: S07E05 – Go Getters

Maggie awakens up at Hilltop.  Under Sasha’s watchful eye, she tries to come to grips with Glenn’s death.  Jesus tries to offer some comfort, but Gregory tells Sasha and Maggie that for the safety of the community, they must leave.

Rick takes a group to look for supplies before Negan returns.  Meanwhile, Carl struggles with the consequences of his father’s decision.  With Enid in tow, Carl sets off to find and kill Negan before he can harm anyone else.  The Saviors continue their reign of intimidation as they search Hilltop for whomever colluded with Alexandria to fight Negan.


The Walking Dead s07e05-1After last week’s emotionally charged episode of The Walking Dead, this week was tame in comparison.  Focusing mainly on Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), there are some tense moments when Simon (Steven Ogg), Negan’s right hand man shows up to set the people of Hilltop straight about conspiring against them.  Gregory and Jesus argue back and forth throughout the episode over letting Maggie and Sasha stay.

Gregory (Xander Berkeley) starts to realize that his position as the community leader is precarious and that he maybe be forced to step down.  We’re given even more reasons to love Jesus (Tom Payne) this week as he defends Maggie and Sasha.

This episode progressed slowly and was a bit boring at times.  With no skull bashing or major walker invasion, the story was allowed to move forward albeit at a snail’s pace.  Revealing Maggie’s status after the first episode was a relief, although no one really believed she was dead in spite of Rick’s ruse.  The major predictions from fan indicate that this will be her season.  Her journey to becoming a leader and a mother.  In spite of the present conditions, Negan has a very rude awakening coming to him.

Once again Carl (Chandler Riggs) is up to something very stupid.  It seems he’s trying to prove to his father that he’s capable of making hard choices and stepping up when the situation becomes dire.  This is a sign of his immaturity as he still isn’t able to see the broader scope of things.  His quest to find and confront Negan will lead to some very interesting events if the showrunners follow the comic book.  But as Carl finds out, his journey isn’t one he will be taking alone.

Again, this week’s episode of The Walking Dead wasn’t much to write home about.  It was adequately pulled off, but it is an episode that will probably be lost or forgotten in the grand scheme.   

The Walking Dead s07e05-2


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