TV Review – The Walking Dead S05E03

Well this week didn’t quite go in the direction I had surmised it would.  Four Walls and a Roof begins exactly where the previous episode left off…with Gareth and his group of Terminus cannibals still feasting on their leg-of-Bob.  Gareth, in true villain fashion monologues quite a bit trying to justify his actions.  All the while, Bob goes from quiet sobbing to a kind of sinister laughter.  It is then when most people’s suspicions are confirmed and Bob reveals that he had been bitten by a walker and that they are eating “tainted meat”.  At that point, the Internet as well as the Terminus cannibals erupted in more ways than one.  Cue the theme music and this week’s episode of The Walking Dead is a go.  “TAINTED MEAT!!!!!”

This week’s episode really had me on the edge of my seat for a while.  I praise this episode for being so suspenseful at a time when I really needed the jolt to my system.  The gruesome and hair-raising events of this week was a welcome change to the serene calm of last week.  With Daryl and Carol taking off to find Beth, the group is once again separated as the Terminus survivors are stalking Rick and the others.  Tensions run high as Gabriel is blamed for the sudden disappearances and is then forced to reveal his terrible secret.  I am going to try to keep my likes and dislikes in order this week, so here goes.

The Walking Dead S05E03
Gareth goes a-huntin’

The Good

  • Throughout his terrible ordeal, Bob maintains an upbeat and almost hopeful attitude.  The man definitely had a strength of character that we rarely get to see on this show.  In a time that brings out the absolute worst in humanity, Bob showed us that we can still maintain the best part of ourselves.  Thanks for being a good guy Bob, RIP.  Even though this is out-of-order in the episode, Bob’s final moments were truly inspired and the actor’s performance (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) is Emmy worthy, along with Chad L. Coleman and Sonequa Martin-Green.
  • Rick devises a brilliant plan to draw Gareth and his people into a trap but the lead up to it almost made me have a small heart attack.  Talk about edge of your seat.
  • Carl playing the ultimate bad ass.  I’ve started referring to him a Rick Jr.  Definitely not the childhood you’d wish for a kid, but Carl has turned hard like his father and is quickly becoming a true asset to the group.  Watching him standing there tapping on his gun made me smile.  Perhaps Carl and I could use some therapy.
  • Rick Grimes is a man of his word.  If he tells you he’ll kill you with the red-handled machete, you can take that to the bank.  Look below for further commentary on this.
  • No matter what she said last week, the look in Michonne’s eyes when she’s reunited with her sword…she missed it and she loves having it back.
  • Abraham makes amends with Rick and they appear to part on good terms even though the group is slip up again.  Abraham’s message to Rick on the map is priceless.
The Walking Dead S05E03
My name is Rick Grimes and I’ve had enough of your shit.

The Bad

  • I want to go on record by saying that I have developed a dislike for Abraham and his “let’s go to DC” plan.  The negotiation over Glenn and Maggie just seemed so ridiculous and rather selfish of him.  I still don’t see why he thinks they are the ones worth taking when defense is their best chance for survival.  But I do give a big thumbs up to Rick for standing his ground.
  • While I am on the subject of the DC plan, I am really confused by how just a short time ago, Rick said they were in and would head to DC.  However with Abraham being a dick I do see how he could have changed his mind.  Once Gareth and the cannibals were eliminated why wouldn’t Rick and the others leave with them?  I can’t see why Rick would even consider splitting up the group again.
  • I found it very hard to believe that a mob of people couldn’t force their way into that church judging by how easily Gareth’s people forced the doors.
  • Although most think their actions were justified, the brutal slaughter of the Terminus group shows that Rick and some others in the group are slowly becoming what they have fought so hard against.  Slowly slipping into the darkness and possibly turning into the worst of themselves.
  • Not enough Glenn and Maggie…and now that they have left with Abraham, who knows when we will see them again, certainly not next week.
The Walking Dead S05E03
Five seasons and we’re back in Atlanta

I wasn’t too happy with the cliffhanger we were left with.  Who made it back with Daryl and who didn’t?  However that leads perfectly into next week’s episode when we finally get to see what happened to Beth as she wakes up in a hospital somewhere in Atlanta.  Hopefully Daryl and Carol will arrive soon to rescue her, because during this zombie apocalypse nothing is ever what it appears to be.

A great episode with several Emmy worthy performances this week.  I say Emmy worthy like a show like this would ever be nominated for any serious awards; but that is the subject of another article.  Rock solid episode with a cliffhanger that guarantees you’ll be tuning in next week.

The Walking Dead S05E03
It’s better than NO apology at all.


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