TV Review – The Walking Dead S05E07 – Crossed

After last week, The Carol and Daryl Show really stepped things up a notch on The Walking Dead.  Carol was injured and taken to Grady.  Daryl and Noah return to the church to get Rick and the others so they can rescue Carol and Beth.  There is a whole pile of hurt coming for the folks at Grady.  This was a split episode and not centered on just one group much to my dismay.  I’ve enjoyed getting to see one aspect at a time and not parts here and there spread over every episode.


The Walking Dead - Crossed


The Good

Maggie stands up to Abraham and I could not love her more for it.

Scorched Earth Rick is back at it…slitting the guard’s throat.  In spite of it all, you still just have to love Rick and his “win at all costs” attitude.  But it is Tyreese who comes up with a less violent plan and strangely enough Rick, with a vote from Daryl, decides on a more peaceful solution.

Carl giving Gabriel lessons on killing walkers was almost funny to watch.

Tara’s unique and rather truthful reasoning for Eugene lying to stay alive.  She isn’t always my favorite character on the show, but she’s got potential.  For that matter Maggie taking a stand and trying to help him and reason with Abraham was exactly the thing that needed to be done.  Now that going to Washington really isn’t an option, they need to go back to the church and join up with Rick’s group as soon as possible.

Daryl beating the guy down with a walker head…classic.  I thought he was going to be bitten accidentally, but after a few seconds, I realized what he was trying to do and I salute him for it.  Survive at all costs.

Rick had every intention of shooting the bald guy and had to be talked down by Daryl.  Is this yet another sign of just how low Rick has declined?

Beth’s efforts to save Carol at the extreme risk of her own safety.  I hope that this isn’t the beginning for either Beth or Carol…although I cannot help feeling that not everyone will get out of this alive.


The Walking Dead - Crossed


The Bad

Although it was nice to check in with Abraham’s group, I have to wonder how long those idiots just stood in the road with Eugene’s unconsciousness body.  They were there long enough to go through the water in the fire truck’s tank.  Standing out in the open with a mega-herd of walkers nearby is not the most tactically sound plan.

Even though I agree with Rick for leaving Michonne behind to keep an eye on Carl and Gabriel, I am getting hungry for more Michonne.  There seems to be so many characters now who need keeping track of that some of the favorites are being lost in the shuffle.  I think the writers are doing a good thing by dedicating entire episodes instead of just giving us bits and pieces in every episode.

Sasha, Sasha, Sasha…everyone on Earth knew he was playing you.  YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYONE!!!!  Just because his name is Bob doesn’t mean he’s totally trustworthy.  So if caught, do you think they should let Bob live?


The Walking Dead - Crossed


I don’t understand Gabriel’s need to escape from the church.  I seriously doubt Michonne would have stopped him from leaving if that’s what he really wanted to do.  Most likely overwhelmed with guilt and fear, the poor guy is not in his right mind; but I still think there is more that he is hiding.   How much collateral damage will be left in the wake of Rick’s group after they are finished at the hospital?  Will this be the one situation they can peacefully negotiate through?  Will this latest incident with Sasha and Bob make it even more difficult to trust strangers in the future?  We get one last episode before the winter finale and I fear it will end with one hell of a cliffhanger.  Not an extremely exciting episode but Crossed stays true to form and we’re given another good episode if not overly noteworthy.



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