Twitch Is Getting Called Out for Banning Policy by Streamer Alinity


Alinity Is Calling Twitch Out

We’ve seen this happen a dozen times, with dozens of streamers. Twitch issues a ban, sometimes permanently, sometimes just a temporary one, in response to behavior. Well, now Streamer Alinity is calling out Twitch for the way they handle things.

Calling Out

Alinity Twitch - via twitter
Twitch Streamer Alinity
Pic via her twitter page

Twitch Streamer Alinity, aka Natalia Mogollon, is a popular streamer on Twitch. She’s had her fair share of controversy as well, but for some people that is half the draw. Recently Alinity earned herself a ban from Twitch in response to what some would call a wardrobe malfunction.

To be fair—that ban wasn’t a long term one. She’s already back on the platform, thanks in part to her admitting that Twitch didn’t handle the situation as harshly as they should or could have. Alinity’s problem is with how Twitch handled things, not the fact that she got a ban in general.

Her Reasoning

Alinity’s tweet makes it sound like her bigger concern isn’t the fact that she was banned, but the lack of clarity and transparency about the entire process. Twitch would not be the first platform to get this sort of complaint. Likewise, they certainly won’t be the last. 

Her tweet reads:

“THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM! @Twitch needs to come forward and EXPLAIN the reason that gets people suspended: With a timestamp of the stream and a description of EXACTLY what happened. PUBLICLY. They can create a forum specifically for it. There needs to be RECORDS of this.”

Alinity goes on to talk about how her name always comes up in discussions about Twitch bans. Regardless of how much or little you know about her, you can certainly understand at least a little bit of the frustration that must stem from this fact. 

All things considered, Alinity’s complaint has some solid grounding. Even on the outside, you can’t expect people to stop their incorrect behavior if you don’t tell them what needs to be corrected. Sounds reasonable, right?

Alinity isn’t the first Twitch streamer to call out Twitch on their lack of transparency. And she certainly won’t be the last. How do you feel about the process? Or about Alinity’s statement?


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