Twitch Streamer Allegedly Banned for Exposing Cat Breeding Mill



Twitch Streamer Alisha12287 Recently Banned for Discussing a Cat Breeding Mill

Twitch streamers, like most internet users, have to watch what they say. And Twitch is somewhat notorious for banning its any Twitch streamer for reasons that are unfair or unclear. Most recently, it happened to Alisha12287. 

Who is Alisha and What Happened?

Alisha12287 via YouTube
Twitch Streamer Alisha12287 via YouTube

The user most recently banned has the handle Alisha12287, and she streams games such as Minecraft, Runescape, and Counterstrike: GO on Twitch as well as her YouTube channel. In a live stream on her Twitch account, she talked about a company she believes to be a cat breeding mill. 

Said company is apparently in an ongoing lawsuit, and you can see the updates through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). However, according to Alisha, the Yelp reviews point out all the shady things the company has done, and issues customers have had with the animals purchased from them. She even mentioned some in her stream. 

Twitch’s Response

The company named in the lawsuit contacted Twitch, who immediately notified Alisha that she was banned for fourteen days. They gave no other reason than harassment. 

In a statement, Alisha said she later received what she called a boastful email from a “specific business” which claimed to be the reason for her ban. They told her they contacted Twitch with an attorney with the intent to “shut her up.” Well, mission accomplished. 

Alisha also said in her statement that she understands Twitch’s response from a business standpoint. Most companies can’t easily ignore a letter from an attorney. However, she knew there could be a backlash, and said it anyway, feeling she was doing the right thing. 

The Future of Twitch Bans

Twitch banning users for inappropriate behavior isn’t anything new.  But for the company to ban a user – even for a limited time – over the demands of an outside company seems a bit extreme to me. And it could lead to a slippery slope of other companies using attorneys and threats to silence users that disagree with them. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out. 

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