Twitch Streamer Sweet Anita Is Still Receiving Death Threats From Her Stalker


Sweet Anita Received Death Threats From Her Stalker With Little Help From Law Enforcement

Streamers and content creators of all kinds deal with online harassment—fans who cross lines, or comment and message them more than a comfortable amount of times. But too often, things escalate to real danger. Twitch streamer Sweet Anita has been dealing with this for several months. She thought her troubles with him were over, but she revealed on her Twitter that he has become a problem once again.

How Law Enforcement Is Failing Her

Sweet Anita
Sweet Anita

In April, Anita thought that she was finally safe. He was convicted of stalking and she had a restraining order on him, and she hoped for two months prison time. He didn’t serve it, and he didn’t honor the restraining order. On July 14, she posted to Twitter a screenshot of a message he posted during a stream. He wrote “I’ll kill you soon. Not with the cheap kitchen knife I had last time. No, I’m gonna bring something special for you.”  

She explained that the stalker sat outside her house, followed her to a shop, and when she confronted him to ask if he was armed, he chased her. Two men (evidently not police) held him so she could escape. 

She has made it clear that law enforcement is doing very little to protect her. She tweeted, “The police came, advised me to lock my doors and call 999 if he shows up again. Neither knew was Doxing is, that it is a crime, or what live streaming is. It would appear that no action is being taken, I have to wait for him to harm me again before they will take action.” Anita also said the officers suggested she stop streaming, as if quitting her job is the solution, and not stopping the stalker. Also, it would be difficult for her to find a regular job since she has Tourette’s. 

How the Community Is Failing Her

Anita addressed some of the responses she’s received about the situation, and they are about as helpful as the cops telling her to quit streaming. She explained in a Twitter thread the reasons having a gun, a dog, a restraining order, or a new place to live are not feasible. Guns are much harder to come by in the UK, and because of her Tourette’s, it isn’t safe for her to have one. She feels that getting a dog to act as a bodyguard is not fair to an animal. A restraining order was not effective already. And moving would take money and time. It would also take her away from her mother, whom she cares for. Not to mention, wherever she goes, the stalker could still find her. 

She even reached out to Twitch for information on him, and they took hours to respond. The platform failed her too.

The point here is that no one is addressing the issue of the stalker. No one is addressing the culture of misogyny in arenas like Twitch which place the burden on women to not become victims. Women in this industry are no stranger to harmful and dangerous behavior, and it needs to stop, but it should not be up to them to stop it.

Sweet Anita Says It Best

Anita summed it up well in her Tweets. She wrote, “If anything happens to me, I really hope that I’m the last canary in the coal mine. The law needs to change, No job should have such a high risk of rape, assault or death, especially not live streaming.”

In another thread, she Tweeted, “I want to fix this for all of us, not just me. ALL of the streamers and youtubers I talk to have experienced online harassment. Many had their families and children threatened, And the police did nothing. Twitch, yt, and the police are failing us.” 

Another Tweet read, “I wonder whether He’ll kill me before anyone takes this seriously. Will it even make a difference? Will anything change? Should it be an expectation for us to to lay our lives on the line just to entertain you? How many entertainers will lose our lives before it’s taken seriously?” 

For her sake, and for all people in the industry she is in, I hope it is taken more seriously in the future. Before people die.  


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