Twitch Updates Nudity and Attire Policy

Community Guideline Updates


As of April 7, 2020, Twitch has updated its policies regarding nudity and attire during a stream. Before this, Twitch already forbade full nudity and sexual content, but for some streamers, the rules weren’t exactly clear-cut; they focused more on context than solid rules. To remedy this, Twitch sent out an update to their community guidelines. They are now switching from a “garment-specific policy to one based on a standard level of coverage; with exceptions for certain situations”. The new rules include restrictions on sheer clothing, augmented-reality avatars, and cosplay.

Twitch’s Rules Round-Up

Twitch’s general guidelines are summed up as follows:

  • No full or partial nudity, including outlines of genitals through clothing
  • No exposed nipples or underbust
  • The area from the waist to the bottom of the pelvis must be covered
  • Coverage must be fully opaque
  • Augmented reality avatars and cosplay are subject to the same standard
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Twitch has updated its community guidelines to avoid misunderstandings.


Twitch has put out a list of contextual exceptions to the rules, which include:

  • IRL streaming
  • Swimming
  • Beaches, concerts, and festivals
  • Body art
  • Context transitions
  • Embedded media
  • Breastfeeding

They have stated that they will update the list as needed. Twitch also encourages feedback or questions at policyfeedback[at]twitch[dot]tv. Explanations for the exceptions are found here. 

Sexually Suggestive Content Policy

Additionally, Twitch has also clarified their Sexually Suggestive Content Policy; they state that they consider nudity and attire and sexually suggestive content as two separate areas, and have treated them as such when constructing their guidelines. You can find concrete examples of prohibited content here.

As it’s always been, Twitch prohibits sexually explicit and suggestive content; they’ve just updated the community guidelines to clarify their rules and avoid misunderstandings. As Twitch states, “Our goal is to create policies that are both comprehensive and broadly relevant to the incredibly diverse Twitch community…We leveraged this research, global considerations, reports from the community, and a review of past cases to update the policy.” Looks like they’re taking this seriously, and wants their streamers to continue to be safe and happy within the community. 

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