Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Overview

We heard from Microsoft. We heard from EA. And now, Ubisoft has made their presence known. There’s some ridiculous stuff to come, so let’s get a rundown.


Flo-Rida and His Giant Gold Microphone

Another musical performance to promote the other major player in the dance game industry, we have Ubisoft bringing Flo-Rida and a microphone with a swag factor that I’m not sure I can accurately put into numbers. To be honest, I was extremely unimpressed, though this was a little less weird after the Usher incident earlier today.


The Hostess With…

Okay, was I the only one out there with a weird dislike for the two people hosting Ubisoft’s conference? Aiyesha, who seemed like she was trying too hard to be the edgy “gamer girl” with a shirt that HAD to be fabric taped to stay up, and a weird “Youtube sensation” male whose name I honestly can’t remember were a strange choice for Ubisoft. Granted, they were much less “boring” than other hosts, but at the same time, I was turned off by the choice. I try to not be negative about these conferences in general, but I felt like I had to say something there.


Far Cry 3

Holy full-frontal-nudity, Batman. This game is promising to come along with extremely graphic violence, tons of swearing, and one chick with her nipples prominently featured no less than three times in the trailer we saw. It’s a very mature game, and I think Ubisoft will do it justice. It was just rather shocking to go from Flo-Rida to a nameless tribal woman’s exposed breasts. We’ve been promised an entire archipelago of explorable worlds, and with plenty of baddies to shoot up, Far Cry 3 is shaping up to be an impressive title.


Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Microsoft announced this game earlier today, so I won’t dwell on it here. Keep your eyes peeled, WotN, fans, because we’ve got a Tom Clancy fan preparing to bring a full article on this new title.


Avengers: Battle for Earth

Coming to all platforms, including WiiU, this game was presented to us with little preamble and even less gameplay. All that can be certain is that it’s a Marvel title with very impressive graphics. I sincerely doubt this will end up being a fighting game, but we saw some serious super hero action in the trailer and I am hungry for more.


Rayman Legends

Ubisoft really seems to be excited about the WiiU, as these next two titles have shown us. Rayman Origins was a critically acclaimed success of a title, and this new addition to the franchise is looking to be just as good. With co-op play incorporating up to five players, we got to see some use of the new WiiU controller that actually seemed pretty intuitive.



This title is an M-rated zombie game coming exclusively to the WiiU. You heard me correctly. And with a trailer full of stunning graphic stills of people reacting in violent ways to a zombie apocalypse, I must say I’m getting a little excited for the next generation of Nintendo consoles. If this is an indicator of further support for the hardcore gamer on a Nintendo console, I can definitely get behind that.


Assassin’s Creed 3

We’ve known this was coming for some time, but that doesn’t change how exciting it was to see some actual gameplay. It’s very weird to see the traditional silhouette of the AC assassin in colonial America. It was so weird, so intense, and so “colonial”. With horses, black powder, and all the bayonets, there were some pretty intense killing blows to be seen.


Minor Game Announcements

Just some minor ones to throw out there. No gameplay and no trailers for these, just a few quick second shots of a logo and maybe some people “playing” the game. We’ve got Rabbids Land and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013.


Shoot Mania

Ubisoft is promising a new commitment to the e-sports world, bringing with them a new game they call Shoot Mania. After watching an interesting and frenetic 3-on-3 match of some apparently very well decorated eSports players, this FPS game, still in alpha testing, has some interesting potential.



I’m just going to give a quick rundown of this brand-new IP for Ubisoft here. Stay tuned for a full article on this new game later tonight or tomorrow. The basic premise is that you are able to connect into the worldwide grid, literally using the city you reside in as a weapon. You’re like some sort of master-hacker-assassin. It was graphically amazing and has apparently been in development for over two years. Somewhere between RPG and first person shooter, slightly reminiscent of Batman: Arkham City and major FPS titles, this game has really caught my attention.


And that’s what Ubisoft had for us! Did you get really excited about anything? Did you share some of my opinions or am I way off base? Let us know in the comments!

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