Uncanny Avengers #1 to Launch With 12 Covers

Covers, covers, covers everywhere. Uncanny Avengers #1, the flagship book for Marvel NOW! Relaunch, will be released with 12 different covers.

Marvel seem to be taking a leaf from The Walking Dead #100 which had a similar amount of covers and is now the best selling comic of the century. Expect this to be big for Marvel and their market share.

Although this number is confirmed, all of the cover artists have not, nor has what they will have on them. We do know quite a bit already though.

First, we have the original John Cassaday cover, an Adi Granow cover and a Daniel Acuna cover. But that is where the artists fade off.

After that there are an Avengers cover, X-Men cover, a blank variant, a baby variant cover to fit in with A-Babies Vs X-Babies, a “Call me maybe” Deadpool cover, and finally, a few sketch covers to make up the numbers.

Few! That went on a little while. All these covers seem a little excessive but some fans will undoubtedly buy all of them, making Marvel some hefty money.

Do you think it is right that one book should have so many covers? How many will you buy? Are Marvel milking this a little?

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