Understanding the Comics Lover’s Psychology


All of you should have read comics in one phase of your life or the other. The general belief is that comics are mostly associated with children and teenagers. But it is not hard to find older people who still enjoy reading their favorite comics as much as they did in their childhood. Some people read comics just for fun and to pass the time. Other people are kind of obsessed with comics and with certain characters. They anxiously wait for new releases and are more or less addicted to them. Then there are others, for whom comics play a very important part of life; they are influenced by certain comics and characters. In this article, we are going to have a psychological analysis of comic lovers, and try to find out the different ways in which comics affect people and readers.

How Does the Human Mind Work?

Understanding the Comics Lover’s PsychologyIn order to understand comic readers’ psychology, we first need to understand the psychology of the mind. Our minds work quite interestingly. As far as the research of the mind goes, the human mind is a trained one. It has a potential that is almost endless. It has the ability to learn, understand, remember by heart, and interpret. The mind can make and take its own decisions as well. 

The day a child is born, his mind starts learning things. His parents, teachers, and people around him teach him alphabets and words. He sees things and observes things. The general tendency of the mind is to learn and be attracted to new things. It has the ability to reason and question things. Most people and their minds find fantasy and the out-of-the-world stuff interesting and are attracted to them.

Another special characteristic of mind is that if it is asked or forced to repress certain things, those can become fantasy in the subconscious, and the mind is always looking for a way to express or satisfy it. This very psychology of mind is responsible for people’s interest and addiction to certain comics and characters.

How Are Comics Made?

Understanding the Comics Lover’s PsychologyThe basic difference between a comic and any other form of literature is its presentation. Comics are a mix of visual and text presentation; their presentation is a bit more creative than a story or novel without any pictures. This is the basic difference between the two forms. It’s also this uniqueness about comics that separates them from any other form of literature. 

Although there are different ways in which individual comics are made, the main aim of a comic is to find its target audience. Therefore, the psychological aspect is considered, to ensure that it appeals to the psychology of the readers. The human mind is always looking for extraordinary things. So if you can present the extraordinary in an attractive manner, then that is going to find its takers.

In the same way, there are people who are interested in down-to-earth and realistic characters. For them, a boy next door or family next door is going to be appealing. Whatever the character of the narration, the way it is presented is ultimately what defines its success and relatability. If the characters or the story can connect with an audience, then they will find their takers and be a success in the long run.

Why Do Some Characters Become More Popular Than Others? 

As far as the psychology of the readers is concerned, they are always looking for characters they can identify with. The character should represent their own state of mind and emotions, or should be someone who deals with similar problems.

The other kind that become popular are the characters that are able to exploit the psychology of the readers; they are able to satisfy their fantasies or the hidden dreams that they have not to be able to share with others.

These are three main types of characters that are going to be popular in a comic. A story and characters that realistically define and deal with a situation or circumstances, are larger than life, or that cater to fantasy and futuristic thinking are likely to find takers and are going to be hits in the long run.

At the end of the day, the script and the way it is presented and executed are what will define the success of a comic. For that, it is necessary for the writers and producers to keep track of the latest activities and the environment around them and present it in an updated and contemporary manner.

How Can Comics Help in Mind Development?

Understanding the Comics Lover’s PsychologyComics serve different purposes. They are obviously going to be fun and entertaining but, at the same time, they can also affect you in a positive or even a negative way. If you identify with the character and they hold some kind of value to you, and if they raise a situation or a story that you can connect with, then you will be able to be influenced by the circumstances of that story and character because you idolize it. Therefore, if you like somebody and you look up to him as an ideal, then you can find the similar situations you are dealing with and try to find out how he is going to deal with it. That can inspire you and help you in a positive manner. 

At the end of the day, comics are always going to be entertainment, and all other things are claim bonus and perks. You can always occasionally read them as stress-busters and for some fun. We hope that you find this content interesting. If you have anything to add to this content or if you would like to let us know your feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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