Universal Gearing up for the Monsterverse

With Dracula Untold coming soon to the big screens it seems that Universal Studios is preparing to compete with the giants of Marvel Studios, Fox, Sony, and the newcomers at DC Comics with their own movie universe. The Superhero Cinematic Universe better beware for those that go bump in the night and make your skin crawl will once again be brought the big screen with Universal’s Monster Cinematic Universe.


Universal Studios was originally going to have The Mummy: The First Monster as the beginning of their Monster Cinematic Universe. However, with many Marvel films coming out each year and DC Comics starting their universe with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016; Universal Studios does not have the luxury to wait around. With Dracula Untold being placed in the middle of the 1400s this movie seems that it would be a prologue to the The Mummy: The First Monster which apparently will be set in the modern-day as an action-adventure film and the actual starter to the “Monsterverse”.


A big question is who else could possibly be added to Universal’s lineup of monsters? Other fan favorites would have to be Frankenstein’s Monster and The Wolf Man who both are key players in older horror movies because of their appearances. Others such as The Creature from the Black Lagoon and everyone’s favorite assistant Igor could make appearances, while The Invisible Man can be loveable seen but unseen character. Even The Bride of Frankenstein can come along down the line after being hinted at in a movie or by Frankenstein’s Monster. Another problem would be raised with “What is their goal or cause in all of this?” Now, superheros teaming up such as The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and the soon to be Justice League have always had a common enemy in mind that threatened something they cared about. However, if the monsters are the “bad guys” in this case, what are they afraid of?

A Tom Whalen Illustration

In the meantime before this can get underway to create a “Monsterverse” they must be the odds of fans and Hollywood with their Dracula Untold getting a 25% from Rotten Tomatoes and a 38% from Metacritic? The upside is that the audience score of Dracula Untold is a 61% at the moment. Normally, that would not be good for that is a D- in class, although it is only opening weekend and it is above a 50%, or an F. Only time will tell if the movie finds enough fans in the world for the monsters will resurface once, or will the monsters have to slumber a little longer in the shadows for their time to rise again.


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