‘Once Upon a Time’ meets ‘Frozen’

… And the Snow Queen.

‘Oh my gosh, Jessa,’ you say.

OUaT Season 4 Promo Poster - Once Upon a TimeI know. I know. I am late on reviewing this new season of Once Upon a Time. How could I? There is so much going on. Arrendale is invading Storybrooke: how could I not talk about this?

As a Disney cast member and Disney fanatic, I am well aware of the Frozen-mania that has ensued since last holiday season. And can see why and how it’s taken over the Disney psyche. I wasn’t sure that I agreed with slapping it into Once Upon a Time, however.

I’ve changed my mind. I’m liking where the story is going so far, and I can’t wait for more of Anna’s ‘secret mission’ back story, or to learn how Elsa ended up in a vase in Rumpelstiltskin’s possession – does she know that that is where she has been?

I waited for the second episode, primarily because I wasn’t overly impressed with the story line after the premiere. I like Elsa: I identify with her, and so really wasn’t sure what I felt about her being a villain. Then, when she did become ‘the villain,’ she was back to her shaky, nervous, pre-Frozen self: lame. I still don’t like that she needs Anna to be powerful and strong and confident – that isn’t how the story went, I thought – however, I steepled my fingers and let out a maniacal little laugh when the Snow Queen was revealed to us. Ooooh. Plot twist!

The Snow Queen's Ice Cream Shop - Once Upon a TimeYou may not be fully aware of the Snow Queen if you are not a fan of fairy tales and such, but she was the most beautiful piece in my mother’s fairy tale figurine collection when I was little, so I was intrigued.

If you are aware of her, you may be thinking, ‘Well that’s a cop-out. Elsa was based of of her, right? I don’t want two characters with the same story.’

Snow Queen Promo Poster OUaT - Once Upon a Time‘Ah,’ I say, ‘but that isn’t what we’re getting.’ The Snow Queen is a Hans Christian Andersen tale from the Danes, and the Snow Queen is not even the main character: she is the villain fae. She spirits away a little boy named Kai and holds him captive, making him forget about his family and friends. I think of her somewhat like the White Witch of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. In fact, I believe the version played by Tilda Swinton is especially inspired by the description of the Snow Queen and her castle, but I digress.

The clashing of the Snow Queen and Elsa should be interesting. I can’t wait to see what Kitsis and Horowitz have planned for their story. And like the last three seasons, I am much more interested in the back story than the current happenings: perhaps that is why I am enjoying the show a bit more than some others here at Word of the Nerd – I cannot be sure.

As far as our main characters go this season, I pity Regina, just want Hook and Emma together, and am duly feeling awkward about the whole Henry’s uncle and Emma’s brother baby/family situation with the Charming/White family (that’s alphabetical, not paternalistic). I haven’t seen much else of any characters; although, getting to see Belle and Rumpel’s ballroom dance in their costumes was magical. I liked that little break in their drama, and I’ll be real, I kinda geeked out over it. Rumpel and Belle ball scene - Once Upon a Time
What character are you hoping they follow this season? What story are you looking for? Any predictions for the season? Let me know down below!



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